How to Plan for Your Engagement Party and Wedding

Have you just become engaged? Then you need to compile some to-do lists. To begin, you need to announce your engagement and begin to organise your engagement celebration. If it has not already been done, you need to purchase the engagement ring. Next, decide on the budget for your upcoming nuptials. That means sitting down with your partner to firm up the amount that you can spend.

Consider the style and theme you want for your wedding. For example, do you want the attire to be black tie and formal, smart and tailored casual, or lounge suit? The type of apparel can impact the overall atmosphere of the celebration so think about the mood that you want to convey.

Short-List the Choices for Your Proposed Venues

Next, you need to decide if you should hold your wedding close to home or if it is going to be a destination wedding. Choose a date and time that you would like to hold the wedding. Next, short-list your choices for wedding venues in Perth. If you want a wedding planner to organise and manage the whole celebration, you need to book the planner now. Now is also the time to start a health and beauty routine and locate a hair stylist and makeup artist for your special day.

Once the date for the wedding is firmly established, you can confirm the venue for the ceremony and reception. If you are holding an outdoor ceremony, make sure you arrange the required shelter or have an optional venue in mind.

Choose the Videographer or Photographer for the Event

Once you have the venue established, you can more easily review the selections in wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ gowns. However, you need to select the bridesmaids and groomsmen first. Begin a search of professional videographers and photographers in your area as well. Besides the wedding and reception, use their services for your rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding activities.

Next, you need to review the wedding stationery designs and the wedding limousines that are available for hire. Compile an initial guest list. Edit the listing until it represents the number of attendees you plan to invite.

Schedule the Fittings for the Gowns

If you need hire equipment, locate a reliable company and book what you need in the form of marquees, chairs, and tables. Also, if you wish to have your wedding dress made versus selecting a pre-made gown, you need to retain the services of a designer right away. The designer should also begin work on the dresses for your bridesmaids. Fittings should be scheduled at this time as well.

Consider the music you wish to have played at your wedding ceremony and the kind of entertainment that you want to book for your reception too. In addition, you need to make preliminary bookings for your honeymoon, especially if you are planning to travel overseas.

Book the Officiant

Book the wedding officiant and notify him or her of your requirements. Next, make a firm decision on the colours and wedding theme. The wedding invitations and stationery should be printed and sent eight weeks in advance of the wedding date or 12 weeks ahead of schedule for any guests travelling overseas.

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