How to Perfectly Microneedle Your Face at Home

I admit it.

Microneedling itself sounds intimidating, but performing at home is indeed a terrifying thing to do. Some people would say:


Microneedling at home? Are you mad? Those small, tiny, sharp pins you might hurt yourself. You should visit a dermatologist or an expert aesthetician in person to get it done.


Deep Sigh.. Ahh, Girls.. Don’t shy away, we all know, they cost a lot. Hell LOT… then what to do.


Don’t worry, girls, I’ve got your back. Well, I don’t have a magical lamp: to rub it, wish it and done.

But yes, with the right device and fair knowledge. Microneedling can be done at home perfectly without damaging the surface of the skin. And also without pinching the pocket. Who doesn’t love younger looking smooth skin?

Interested? Let’s see how.

My friend Alex is also want to microneedle her face. So, she bought a microneedling pen to use at home. She explored on the internet, gathered all about microneedling things like articles, news, reviews, which is floating on the internet.

And now, she’s ready to rock-n-roll.


Can Alex do it well?


Alex is curious. She sprints to the bathroom, removed her makeup, and washed her face in a flash.


Well, indeed, this is the first thing to do. Remove the makeup, wash the face with a gentle cleanser. But slowly, don’t be like Alex.


Alex is now reading the instruction manual of the microneedling device.


This is the best habit to learn from Alex. Always read the instruction of any device before using it.


Alex is now applying some numbing cream over her face as her skin is sensitive.


Applying a numbing cream over the face is a good idea as microneedling is a tingling process. Might cause superficial bleeding especially, if one has sensitive skin.


Alex has acne marks and pores which bother her, so she wants to remove them. She found that to address these issues, use 12 pins cartridge of 1mm length.


Now, according to the user manual of the derma pen, choose the right cartridge pins, but don’t go overboard with the pin size. It is highly advisable to use under 2 mm. For anti-aging, use 0.5 to 1 mm, for acne scars use 1mm. However, every derma pen has its pin size guide to help the user.


Before microneedling, Alex has removed numbing cream and apply hyaluronic acid. Alex has sectioned off her face into four major parts in her mind. And she is moving the device with little pressure, not going over again to the same place.


This is also an excellent technique to section off the face in mind before doing it. Hyaluronic acid helps to glide the device. Glide the device; not Drag it.

And never go over the same place. Lift the machine when changing position.

Our purpose is here to make some micro-injuries, not significant injuries.


Now, Alex has done with one part, and she moved to the second part.


Move the device side to side, horizontally, vertically about 3-4 times. After done with one part, move to a different part just like Alex did. Remember?  Lift the device.


Alex doesn’t like her acne marks at all. She is overdoing at this place so that it will fade away ASAP.


Girls, don’t ever do what Alex did just right now.. I know.. You want to get rid of those marks; I understand you, but overdoing microneedling at one place is a bad call.


Alex microneedle her whole face avoiding the eye area, she is off to wash her face to wash off superficial bleeding.


After the process of microneedling, never wash the face immediately. Instead, apply the hyaluronic acid mask over the face to calm and soothe the skin’s irritation & discomfort.



Well, post-treatment of microneedling process skin might feel or sting like a mild to moderate sunburn. Apply a layer of hyaluronic acid. Don’t apply makeup for 24 hours and don’t go out in the sun. Use SPF (if going out is necessary).

Microneedling is the best solution for anti-aging, acne-scars, yet microneedling pen to use at home is a critical process. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are a heavy-handed like our cutipie clumsy smurf, don’t do it on our own. Just leave to the professionals.




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