With a little bit of work and some talent, even the seemingly boring pieces of wood can be turned into eco-friendly and quite fashionable pieces of furniture. Wooden pallets are mostly used for shipping, which makes them durable and easy to find. After a while, they usually get discarded or destroyed, so you should be able to afford a whole bunch of them from local constructions sites or larger storages. Home-made furniture could fit in with almost any design depending on how crafty you are and how well you can conceal the imperfections of your work (if there are any).

Dining tableDining table

Once you’ve gathered enough pallets, you can start with sanding. Eight boards will be enough for a 2.2 meter long table. With the help of detail sander, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours to prepare everything for painting. Wipe the dust away, apply the wood sealer and paint in two layers. Glue the planks to the pallets and use clamps to make sure they stick. Next, mount the top that you’ve created on the trestles. This time, gluing won’t do, so you’ll have to use a couple of screws. This kind of a table could look great in your dining room as well as on the porch.

Speaker stands

Placing the speakers on a wooden stand makes for a better sound quality and creates a cleaner and more stylish appearance. Cut the bases and speaker platforms out of plywood depending on the size of the speakers. If the stand is going to be 4 feet high, 16-inch base would make the stand nice and sturdy. Glue or screw some PVC pipe on the stand and do the same for the other side. Paint the whole thing using spray paint and leave it for a couple of hours. Test the speakers in the room they are going to be used in and resize the stand if necessary.

A sofa

Building a sofa that doubles as storage space is a bit more complex and requires more material. Cut six pallets to appropriate length, arrange them into the L- shaped position, and secure the banks with some additional screws. The tricky part is finding the mattresses of the same size. Either you’re going to find the mattresses first and make the sofa accordingly, or the mattresses themselves are going to be cut and sewn back together. Moreover, the space between the pallets could be used to store smaller items or pillows.

A coat rack

This is a simple project that can be done in an hour. Cut the wood to the appropriate length depending on the space you have available. Sand it and screw the pre-bought coat hooks nine inches apart. Prime and paint the wood in a color of your choice and use the wall anchors to attach the rack to the wall. Cover the nails with paint once again.


Box-shaped shelves are the most versatile because they can be used to store anything from wine and dishes to record collections. They are elegant enough to fit in every surrounding and any mistakes that might occur while building them will just create a rugged and retro look. Use hand tools to cut the plywood straight and square. Put one on top of the other to avoid mistakes. Assemble the box by placing the side at 90 degrees angle and nailing them together with 1-inch nails. Paint it in the color you want and let it dry for a while. The boxes can be screwed together or hanged on the wall.

Making your own furniture means you have the control over the design and the look of your room and it can be a fun project to test how skilled you are with the saw.

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