How to Make Your Home a Healthy and Inspiring Place


They say that home is where the heart is – but if your quarters are cluttered and in disrepair, what does it say of your emotional shape? A neglectful attitude towards your home can affect your physical and mental health and throw your energy off balance. Don’t let your nest turn into just a place to crash after a hard day’s work: invest a little bit of care, effort, and planning into home upkeep and fine-tune your living area with health, joy, and inspiration in mind following the tips listed below.

A Touch of Natural Freshness

Organic materials are currently on trend in the interior design world, but sophistication is just one of the gains behind swapping synthetic for natural elements. Stone, wood, and textiles made from organic fiber are durable and contain fewer toxins than manmade materials, which is why they occupy front and center in homes designed with sustainability and wellbeing in mind. Natural materials are rapidly gaining popularity in building and interior design circles, and recent studies show that green renovation projects can also help trim housing unit maintenance and operational costs by as many as 13%.


Let the Light Guide Your Way

Apart from organic materials, sunlight is another Mother Nature’s gift that can help transform your home into the lap of comfort, charm, and good health. Compared to standard incandescent lighting, natural light stimulates increased release of serotonin in the brain, which has a positive effect on human mood. Sunlight is also a natural go-to for Vitamin D, a vital micronutrient responsible for strong bones, cancer prevention, and skin health. Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine flood the room: you’ll be getting much more than just a visibility boost. Also, consider swapping classic incandescent lights for LED or CFL bulbs to unleash energy savings, bonus health points, and add an extra coat of sustainability to your home.


Crispy Clean and Clutter-Free

Your mom was right: cleanliness is half your health, but it doesn’t boil down to personal hygiene alone. According to Zen and Feng Shui principles, clutter blocks natural energy flow, and it can compromise your physical health and cognitive function in the long haul. Apart from that, mess is not exactly a byword for an inspiring home décor, so spring clean your living area at least once in awhile and get rid of broken and damaged hardware and items you never get to use to keep tabs on both your home’s aesthetic value and your own peace of mind. If you have been neglectful of your bedroom of late, now is the time to check out mattress sale deals online: a new allergen-free mattress will freshen up your sleeping area and also cut the risk of respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma.

Good Health Starts in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so don’t let it turn glum, boring, and messy. When redoing your home (kitchen included), turn to pastel wall paint numbers and pick elements in a neutral tone to achieve the impression of added space and airiness. You should also stock your dining table and pantry with fresh fruit and vegetables and wipe all kitchen surfaces clean using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Also, spring-clean your fridge of expired labels and fill it with organic products to set your figure and health on the right and energized track.


Green and Yummy for Good Health

Houseplants are another huge trend on the interior design scene, and their benefits go beyond increased home interest. Living plants keep the air in your home fresh, stimulate brain function and memory, and keep your emotional health in check. A herb garden in the kitchen is a simple way to usher a fresh natural touch into your home, and it will also add a few pinches of yummy aromas to your meals while at the same time spicing up the look of your private culinary nook.


A Nook Peace of Mind is Made On

Meditation and yoga rooms are shyly sneaking into home areas designed in line with principles of lasting health, inspiration, and green comfort. Allocate one corner of your living area to daily meditation sessions and keep it as minimalist and as clean as it can be: that way, you’ll be get to start every morning with a quiet trip to your Zen temple and lay down stress-proof foundations for the rest of your day. You can also renovate the guest room into a private yoga studio and turn your home into a genuine health retreat.

Long-term health, peace, and emotional equilibrium trace back to your home, so don’t start your days in anything less than inspiring and healthy backdrop. Go green with the selection of furnishing materials, keep your home clean and organized, maximize use of natural light, and add a few green plants to your nest to keep it snug, cozy, and stimulating. Good luck!

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