How to Make Your Face Mask a Fashionable Accessory

For better or worse, the face mask has become a part of our wardrobe for now, and many women have learned how to add the cloth item to their ensembles. Yes, face masks are the new style accessory, and you can have some fun choosing a cloth covering that not only offers protection but looks nice on you and even has a fashionable edge.

Can’t Go Wrong With Solid Black

Let’s be honest. The color of solid black will always be considered chic and sophisticated whether it’s a black dress, black purse, black pumps, or a black face mask. The neutral goes with every color on the rainbow and beyond and always looks rich and never wrong.


In addition, a face mask in solid white is another must-have, especially for those warmer summer days ahead. It’s also a pretty, feminine, and classic hue.


You can match every outfit on the planet with a black and/or white face mask.

Play Up Your Eyes/Brows With Makeup

When you’ve got on a face mask, your eyes are on display in a major way and for most women, eye makeup can become an attractive focus when you’re out and about shopping, working, and being seen by others in public.


You can have creative fun with cosmetics when wearing womens face masks. A pretty eye shadow in a bright shade such as blue, pink, or lilac allows the eyes to pop and delivers that glamorous glow. Then, brush on a coat or two of mascara to frame your eyes.


Don’t forget the eyebrows, ladies! Amp up your brow game with an eye pencil, shadow, or a gel liner to add definition and a complete look.

Choose A Floral Print Face Mask

Another popular look includes floral kimono patterns for a face mask. You could build an outfit around the lush colors in the print to take your ensemble to the next level.


Kimono prints show off a vintage appeal, girlie style, and chic vibe. Floral patterns are timeless and modern at the same time.


The UK’s Duchess of Cambridge has often reached for a floral face mask when attending public events. For example, during a charity appearance, Kate wore a solid blue-colored frock with a delicate blue, micro-floral patterned face mask.


Actress Charlize Theron is also a fan of floral face mask coverings in kimono prints.

With Ear Loops To Maximize Style

You can find a variety of face masks out there that are all uniquely designed to fit your face properly. If you’re going for the most versatile face mask that allows for the max with hairstyles, then choose the type that features ear loops.


A face mask with ear loops is most comfortable and delivers the best aesthetic look. You will be able to fix your hair in just about any style you desire.


For instance, with the ear loops on your face covering, you can create a top-knot, bun, ponytail, or hair down loose, etc.


Also with ear loops, you can still wear your favorite earrings, but for many, that means choosing stud type of earrings because they won’t get caught in the ear loops of your mask.


Jumbo size hoop earrings a la Jennifer Lopez can be worn, but you must be careful they don’t get tangled up into the loops when putting on or removing. Even JLo has sized down her hoops when wearing a face mask as photographed in public.

Masks For Full-On Glamour

For some ladies, a full face of makeup is the only way to roll even when you’re in a face mask. To avoid cosmetics from smudging or smearing under your mask, look for a pop-up face mask that has been designed for all-day wear and specially constructed with ample room to wear lipstick without messing up your full-on glam.


Pop-up face masks are a celebrity favorite and also handy for TV personalities who go out into public for interviewing people for news stories, etc.


We’ve all come to embrace the face mask for the protection it gives us, and it has also emerged as a fashion accessory. Express your personality, and choose the face-covering that makes you smile underneath it all.

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