In this pandemic, online dating has become a relationship savior. Apart from being very convenient, it gives you a chance to interact with people you wouldn’t meet in your neighborhood bar.

Contrary to popular belief, it can make lasting matches, too. In fact, 20% of committed Americans began their relationships online.

You can achieve this as well as long as you follow these tips on making online dating work.

Choose the Right App

There are many dating sites and apps out there, so it could be quite hard to pinpoint the best one. The best thing to do is research.

Some are designed for specific populations, while others capitalize on certain hobbies. Some apps, however, have earned the notoriety of being hook-up sites.

Choosing an app that speaks to your demographics or goals will help you achieve better matching results.

Be Open to New Possibilities

Sure, it would be nice to match with a six-foot lawyer who loves surfing. However, focusing on a very narrow metric puts you at the losing end. That’s because you lose the opportunity of meeting a person whom you would’ve clicked with on a typical day.

That said, it would be best if you kept an open mind when it comes to online dating. The more successful virtual daters often match with somebody outside of their criteria.

Only filter out your actual deal-breakers, and you’ll be able to make more good matches than expected.

Post the Right Photo

It is tempting to use your photo from five years ago simply because you were 20 pounds thinner back then. However, you wouldn’t want to fool yourself or your match.

The goal of dating is to be with a person who accepts you for who you are. More than just posting a timely photo, the right style or angle can help you land more matches.

For men, a photo of you not smiling and looking away proves to work better than regular smiley images. On the other hand, a portrait with a girl (even if she’s your sister) will lead to more rejections.

If the app allows you to upload four images, then use all of them. Think of this as a raffle – the more photos you have, the more chances of winning!

Be Honest

Online dating allows you to embellish your profile with half-baked truths. Although this can help you make an excellent first impression, it’s not advisable.

Creating a false profile is bad for romance, especially if he or she is the one. How long can you sustain going on hiking trips when you are, in fact, a full-blown diva?

By being 100% honest in your profile, you get to weed out those only attracted to the superficial.

Describe Yourself, But Keep It to a Minimum

It’s important to describe your passions and interests in your profile. But don’t go ahead and tell your entire backstory. You want to leave something that can pique the interest of the person reading your profile.

Another good thing about not divulging too much is that there will be something left for you and your match to talk about.


It’s just like writing a resume – you want your profile to make a good impression. As such, you need to proofread everything and run it with a spellchecker before you click ‘Submit.’

You don’t want to be too eager that you end up jumbling the words they’re, their, and there. You may be a smart person, but if you leave your profile unchecked, people might think you’re careless and sloppy.

Respond Right Away

Answer your DMs as soon as you can. It’s not the place for you to play hard to get.

Remember, these people are talking to other possible partners, too. You don’t want to lose the chance of meeting your match just because you were too lazy to reply.

Meet Up

A lot of people ask, “Does online dating work?” Well, it does, as long as you take it to actuality.

While sending DMs, SMS, and emails are good, it’s best to have the real deal. By meeting up with your match, you get to see if both of you connect on a deeper level.

It’s also a good way to weed out the matches who don’t intend to take you seriously.

No Pressure

It’s normal to feel jitters on your first meet-up. However, this could affect the way you deal with your date. Your anxiety is sure to manifest as sweating and muscle twitches.

The best way to keep calm during your date is to remove any unrealistic expectations you might have. It might turn out bad, or it might turn out okay – nobody knows. That said, avoid putting undue pressure on yourself.

Think of your date as a way of fun mingling and socializing. It’s trial and error. Suppose it works out, then good. If not, remember there are a lot of potential partners waiting for you online.

The big question remains for most: does online dating work? Yes, it does. By being honest and open, you may be able to foster a blooming relationship, just like the 20% of Americans who did.



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