When a new member joins your family in the form of your child or grandchild, everything around you looks beautiful and lovely. You start planning for the gifts that you wish to give to the newborn and also invite your friends and family members to bless the child with their gifts. It is needless to say that babies mean baby gift baskets, and nothing could ever go wrong with such a basket. Bundle & Twine Baby Gift Baskets make the best baby shower gift, and these look quite colorful and creative. The best part is that you can also make your own baby shower gift basket at home with a few materials.

Tips to Make Baby Gift Baskets

Making a baby gift basket is pretty simple, provided you know how to make it and you have everything needed to make the basket. Here are some tips that can help you get started and come up with an attractive looking baby shower basket.


The size of the basket that you choose is largely dependent upon the contents of the basket. Thus, it is better if you think about the things you wish to gift to a baby before you decide upon the basket. Since baskets are available in all sizes, forms, and materials, you need to choose one based on your choice. Containers or baskets that are made of natural fibers including willow, cane, straw, and bamboo are best suited for babies. You may either opt for a cloth lined basket or a plastic bucket or a bowl, or even a baby bathtub to make your own baby shower basket.

Things to Fill:

There are several things you can think about that can be filled in the baby gift basket that you wish to make. You can put in baby care products such as baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby wipes, and baby shampoo. You can also add some baby grooming items to the list such as nail clippers and soft brush hairbrush. Other items that you can put in the basket include baby bottles, baby towels, baby bibs, baby thermometers, pacifiers, wash clothes, baby booties, baby socks, baby rompers, rubber duckies, musical toys, teething toys, cute plush toys, and many more.


A baby gift basket without a proper theme will make the entire basket look pretty dull and ordinary. You can easily turn your ordinary looking baby shower basket into an interesting and beautiful one with the help of some simple themes such as gift basket for baby and mom, baby boog gift basket or twin baby gift basket. The idea is to make the basket look interesting and eye-catching.

Once you have everything sorted out, the next step is to arrange the gift items in the basket in a nice fashion. If the basket is pretty big in size, you can put in baby diapers to make it look full. You may also add a paper flow or even two in order to make it more attractive and colorful.

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