How to Make Attractive Packaging for Your Soap Boxes

Can you even imagine a life without soap or think that soap existed since the time of Babylonians but not used for personal hygiene.


Historians have claimed that first soap was made by Babylonians out of fats boiled with the ashes. After that, ancient Egyptians mixed different oils with various salts to make their own version of soap. You do not want to hear what Romans did.

No, seriously you do not want to know!

Romans made their soaps out of urine. Told ya!

The interesting part is that it was not used for personal hygiene but for religious purposes and industrial use. Priests used soaps to cleanse or purify themselves before sacred rituals. Industries made good use of soap to prepare wool for dyeing. This, now so exotic product, remained unpopular till the 1700s because of two major reasons; it was expensive and smelled really bad.

What made these common was the addition of oils, fragrances, and colors that enhanced the appearance of these bars and improved the scent.

Fast forward to the development of mass marketing in early 1900’s companies improved the ingredients and started making soaps for profits. Seeing the profitability, many small companies started making soaps and surprisingly came up with better recipes to increase their sales.

Coming to the present, there are a lot of companies that make these beauty bars, and some of them even make luxurious organic handmade soaps for different skin types. These companies claim to hydrate, moisturize, and soften skin with regular use.

Here, we are talking about soap boxes that can make these ordinary bars attractive and more appealing to the customers.

Soap boxes are made of a material like cardboard, paperboard, and kraft paper that is designed in attractive designs, unique, captivating shapes, and aesthetically pleasing colors that look so delicious that anybody can mistake it for a mouthwatering snack.

If you are having a problem selling your soaps, then these are some beneficial tricks that can help in creating an attractive soap packaging that customers will hear shouting pick me up!

Understand Your Goals

Like every other business, it is important for the manufacturer to understand who they are and what they intend to sell their customers. Soap packaging requires a proper understanding of its objectives and the potential customer’s needs. Custom soap boxes allow companies to personalize their soap packaging in any shape, size, and design, which can only be done if a company knows what is the idea or concept they want to convey to their customers.


Printing and packaging companies provide wholesale soap boxes with the freedom of choosing the material, dimensions, and designing on soap boxes that represent the brand and enhances the appearance of these boxes to lure more customers.

Creativity is the key to successful packaging!

Think out of the box and do not fear to experiment with the shapes and colors or designs.

These ideas can give you the inspiration to make your custom soap boxes more enticing and irresistible.

Unique Box Shapes

Traditional soap boxes have the same plain box shape that is used since the start of time. It provides you a great opportunity to be playful with the shapes of your custom soap boxes. Unique shapes play an important role to attract customers at first sight.

Sliding boxes that come in two-piece packaging have a shape of a drawer or a sleeve which makes it convenient for the customers to get their soap out of the box without getting all soapy.

Flip-open custom soap boxes with magnetic closure look really luxurious.

Window cut soap packaging diverts all the attention towards the product packed inside the box.

Pillow boxes are the prettiest and the most cost-effective custom soap boxes that can provide protection and amazing feel to the whole packaging.


Soap packaging that portrays brand image and creates a sense of trust or worth helps in gaining more customers. The designs that connect with the customers on an emotional level and create a sense of relativity are proved to leave an everlasting impact on the customers.

Minimalistic Designs

If your soaps are already a piece of art, then the best way to present it to the customers is to go minimalistic with your packaging. Use of minimum material and graphics diverts all the attention towards the product.

Cloth Packaging

Use of see-through cloth-like net close with ribbons or jute for a vintage look creates a classy packaging for soaps.

Kraft Paper Packaging

Old is always gold. Go basic with your soap boxes like the old times and use brown kraft paper for your soaps with retro stickers that provide necessary information about the product and the company. It will give a nostalgic feeling to the customers.


Cost and sustainability play a vital role in making attractive packaging. Sustainable packaging is the need and necessity for all of us seeing the poor environmental condition of Earth because of non-ecofriendly packaging material. It develops a positive and responsible brand image that gain customer loyalty and trust.

Cost-Effective Packaging

Most used packaging material is paperboard, cardboard, and kraft paper. These are made up of recycled cardboard that helps in reducing a considerable amount of production cost. To get a reasonable price wholesale soap boxes are proved to be the most reasonable option for the companies. Wholesale soap boxes are cheap in price not because they lack any feature or are low in quality, but a more significant number of boxes reduces the overall price of these boxes.

Creating attractive boxes for your soaps is all about being creative, imaginative, and using an experimental approach toward your designs. Innovation is what entices customers and spark some excitement in them. It is now possible to get high-quality custom-designed wholesale soap boxes at your doorstep in few clicks.

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