As a parent, your main goal is that your child is feeling safe and secure at all times. Even if you aren’t with them all the time you need to raise them to know their boundaries and to be aware that they can leave when they don’t feel secure. They need to know that you are always going to be their safe space.


Little Things You Can Do Every Day


  • One of the best ways to make your child feel secure and loved all the time is by showing them physical affection. There is nothing like the security of knowing that your parents care enough to give them a hug, kiss or high five. When your children get older it’s easy to neglect the physical affection because they act as if they don’t need it, no matter how old you will always need your parents’ affection.


  • Because children need to have chores and you are instructing them on what to do each day, it is important that you encourage them not just tell them what to do. Try writing them a note in their lunch boxes, send them a text or write them mirror notes. If your children are younger put the notes in unusual places to make things more fun.


Ways of Building Security


  • Always be available for them

Nowadays children are constantly reminded of the bad things that are happening in the world. Because of that, you need to make yourself always available to connect and communicate with your child. They should know that you are always there to listen if they need someone to talk to. The more you are willing to listen about their problems, you are proving that you love and care for them no matter what they tell you.


  • Encourage them to do things on their own

Your child needs to grow confident and you should teach them to be independent. It is best if you tell them the benefits of being independent over the years. As they are getting older they will understand things more clearly and they will be able to do more things on their own. But while they are independent they still need you to bring them the security.


  • Swaddle your babies

Swaddling your baby will make them feel secure and have a better night sleep. It will help them to calm down if they are overstimulated. Because it creates a slight pressure around their body it makes them get a sense of security. Therefore, using organic baby swaddles you will let your child feel secure from day one.


  • Maintain your daily routines

Not every day can be the same, but you must keep some kind of a routine going. Children function better when they know what to expect from every day, it brings security into their lives. Also try to have as many dinners or meals as a family, because it will make your child feel good and secure.


  • Acknowledge Your Children’s Uniqueness

As you probably already know, every child is unique and they have different moods, temperaments and needs. They also express their messages in different ways that alert you to their particular needs. It is important that you are aware of their personalities and how they are expressing their needs, because of that they will feel secure.



Clearly, you can’t always be available to cuddle or remain calm when your child gets hurt or feels insecure. You don’t need to wear your baby all the time or give all of your attention to your child every second of the day, because that is just impossible. The most important thing is that you try and make them feel loved and secure.

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