Everyone who owns a home knows that energy bills aren’t a small matter. These can add up and become quite expensive, especially if you own a large home with a bad insulation. It’s also one of the biggest contributors to your carbon footprint.

Lowering energy bills via small hacks and adaptations to your home can be worth your while. These hacks often aren’t just about lowering the bill, they also make your house more comfortable overall.

Keeping your freezer full

Freezer and fridge are probably the biggest electricity consumers in your home. There is no way to stop using them entirely, but there are ways to make them less expensive. First of all, make sure that your freezer and fridge are new or at least regularly maintained – a checkup every two years will do.

The biggest savings however, comes from the way you use the freezer. It wastes more energy if there is less food in it. The savings can be made just by keeping the freezer full at all times. This is best accomplished by keeping a list and shopping more often, but for only a few items.

Air conditioning

AC can waste a lot of energy if it’s not used properly and not maintained on a regular basis. Some of this can be arranged when you’re installing the AC in the first place and some of it needs to be on your mind couple of times a year. Start by purchasing and installing the AC that’s suited to the size of your home. Saving on the AC can mean wasting more money in the long-run if it’s too weak to cool down the entire home.

It’s also important to keep the filters clean and replace them every couple of years. This takes an hour of work and it helps a lot.


There are two main ways to save on doing your laundry. The first is to start doing it after 8 PM. That will reduce the heating it produces and thus make it more efficient, also a lot of electricity distributors offer lower prices after 8 PM.

It’s always a good idea to wash as many items of clothing at once, but if you overstuff the machine, you may end up wasting electricity in the process. If there’s not enough room for the machine to release heat, each batch will require more energy to be completed.

Energy plan itself

Homeowners usually don’t put that much thought into choosing the energy provider and the energy plan. They simply use the one that’s the closest or the one that was used by the previous owner. This is a mistake – choosing carefully can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

The first thing to do is to compare electricity prices. The prices are compiled based on 12 months of data and that should be enough to figure out if there’s a significant difference from your current plan.

LED lights

Traditional lights should be replaced with LED lights within a few years. This is partly because of the fact that traditional bulbs are being discontinued in most countries. It’s also a more cost-effective way of lighting your house and less damaging to the environment overall.

These lights could be a bit more expensive than the ordinary ones, but they pay off, because they consume less energy and they don’t break as easily, so you basically have to buy them once in a few years. In order to save money, you could replace the lights room by room.

A green wall

Insulation reduces the electricity spending more than anything else. There are a lot of ways to improve your insulation, but it’s a challenge to do it in a way that doesn’t damage the environment in the process. A green wall is a great option because it accomplishes so much at once. It’s an insulation method and it makes your home better looking and your air cleaner.

It refers to the plants that you grow on your walls or on your roof and that help you reduce the heating bill by insulating the house. It takes time to set up and grow them, but they make a lovely addition to your home.

Solar panels

Solar panels used to be expensive and inconvenient. It used to take a lot of effort to set them up and they couldn’t replace your electric grid even if you lived in a very sunny area. This has changed dramatically in the recent years due to the changes in the tech behind it.

The batteries now allow you to get off the grid almost entirely. They are being charged when there’s enough sunlight and the energy you’ve collected is enough to keep your house running when the weather doesn’t allow using the panels.


In the end, there’s one way you could lower your energy bills that takes the most effort, but is also among the most effective ones. Simply put, you need to conserve energy – to try to spend less wherever possible.

The lights probably consume the smallest amount of energy in your home, but they are on all the time. Take the effort to turn them off when you’re not in the room and you’ll notice a difference on your bill after a while.

Small changes in your household can save you quite a lot of money on energy bills. Take the time to study your energy plan and make the changes accordingly.




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