How to Look Snug and Stylish This Winter

Bad news: winter. Good news: this article. Here we’ve compiled some of the best tips on how to stock up on this year’s trendiest wear, so you can cosy up without compromising on your fashion game.

The Right Fabric

As the temperatures continue to drop you might end up confused. How to dress well and keep warm? The answer lies in the fabric. By indulging in the right cloth, you can cross a couple layers off to achieve a sleeker appearance.

Corduroy has made an amazing comeback this year. Coats, jackets, pants –it’s everywhere! Denim, Velvet and Mohair continue to rule over winter classics as fashionably warm alternates. Moreover, they add a pop of texture to spice up your attire. Other options like knitwear jackets, cashmere sweaters and crochet accessories can be used for kicking the heat up a notch.

Go Big or Go Home

Oversized is your new size this season. This year’s most surprising faux pas is all about letting loose. Invest in shirts, sweaters, and hoodies that are about two sizes too large for you. Contrast them with sleek pants to create a look that’s just the right amount of sloppy. This trend has dribbled over to accessories as well. For instance, you can try an oversized or blanket scarf ala Rihanna for a tres cool ensemble.

Zip Up

Jackets are a great way to keep your outfit warm and streamlined despite your layers. They combine practicality and high-fashion to glam up your attire. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bomber jackets are going strong as ever, and with gender neutrality on the rise they are no longer restricted to men. They’re massively practical and can add the fashionably grunge factor to any outfit. Classic puffer jackets have quickly transitioned from the wear of ski enthusiasts to daily street wear.

And if celebrities like Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid haven’t sold you on the trend already, you need to jump the bandwagon of fashion fast. Hunky and chic, leather jackets are evergreen this winter as well. Plus, they don’t need the hassle of washing or dry-cleaning.

If you’re not a jacket person then there’s hope for you too! Princess coats add a feminine touch to warm wear, and provide great coverage. Trench coats are in the same family but are more structured and create a cinched effect to create an appealing silhouette. Capes and blazers bring the fashionable flair no outfit can have enough of. Pea coats, parkas, windcheaters and denim vests can be thrown over any outfit to guard against the growingly aggressive weather.

Tricks of the Trade

Many of us have wardrobes stuffed with winter wear, but when it comes to wearing them we feel like we have nothing to wear. To avoid that last-minute confusion, here are a few wintery-cool essentials to cover all your basics.

Start with the thinner layers and build your way up with warmer ones. Layering is the magic word that’ll help you breeze through your winter wear.

Accessorise well! Beanies, berets, fedoras – there are many types of hats, each with its own appeal. Fingerless gloves add practicality to the traditional guard against cold hands. Try dabbling in the rainbow of scarf trends: hooded, infinite and crochet scarves to play things up.

Give yourself an once-over before you leave. If you look like a sack of fabrics you should rethink your outfit. Keep it modest, under-toned and minimalistic.

Lastly, have fun. As long as you feel good, there’s no way you won’t look good.

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