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Whoever said looking elegant and being sexy at the same time is impossible – was in the wrong. What is more, if you are clever about your choices, you’ll not only look amazing but feel confident and powerful so much so that everyone will want to copy your style!

For all the girls out there who are having a problem channeling their sexy and turning it into a statement to their elegance, we are giving you tips that will definitely help out.

Ladies, with no further ado…

Show skin strategically

A lady doesn’t go all out, ever. The less you show the more intriguing things get, and with intrigue there comes elegance. Instead of going Kardashian on your outfit, imitate the stylish grace of divas like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O. Always reveal just one part of the body. If you are covered on top, let the legs be bare. If you are showing cleavage, don’t show your legs.

Don’t exaggerate with accessories


Too much of anything is never elegant nor sexy. Make sure that the way you accessorize constitutes your statement pieces and look for items that reveal your character. Also, always wear one dominant piece of accessory; otherwise, you are running the risk of looking cheap. For instance, a statement necklace is perfect and doesn’t need any other accessorize. While a statement necklace paired with earrings, a bracelet and a ring is simply a no-no.

Have a flattering hairdo


Clean cuts, simple dos and soothing colors are the way to marry your sexy and elegant. Blunt fringe have a wonderfully sexy effect as do buns, sleek pony tails or hair worn straight. Consult with your hairdresser on the perfect hairdo that will agree with your facial features and emphasize the most beautiful segments of the face.

Own a pencil skirt, an LBD and a lace dress

2. How-to-wear-LBD

Your kneecap is where the elegant and sexy meet for a cup of tea, the ankle is where they dine and lace? Well, lace is there for the after-party. Pencil skirts are still very trendy and they are a perfect piece of outfit to channel your elegance but give it a little sexy pop. If worn super tight, the pencil skirt should be paired with a looser top and an elegant heel. Buy an LBD and dress it up or down depending on the occasion; invest in a few lace dresses in different styles to wear when attending classy events. Lace is immediately associated with eroticism but when worn in the right cut and color it will speak sophistication better than anything else.


Tone down your make-up


The key to looking elegant and sexy with your make-up is to keep the base neutral and rely on accents for effect; go with a lot of mascara to make the eyes pop with a nude lip, or a red lip with a bit easier eye make-up will do the trick. Accentuate only one segment of the face because otherwise you’ll end up looking cheap. Make eye contact and smile to make an impression.


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