How to Look 10 Years Younger: Tips for Anti-Ageing Aficionados

The years we accumulate equal life experience, but we live in a world where youthful appearance still collects all the bonuses. It’s no wonder because we have certainly looked better ten years ago, whatever age we are now! But looking at beautiful young people on the streets and beaches of Sydney shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself!  If you feel old and aren’t exactly in love with the face that looks you back from the other side of the mirror, you can do a myriad of things that will make you look and feel younger – even a decade! Here they are.


Drink Plenty of Water

If you’ve been following beauty and health advice since you were younger, you might have noticed that being hydrated remains essential at all times. Skipping on good old water and clenching your thirst with juices instead can make you feel tired and low on energy, which reflects on your skin. Take your recommended eight glasses of water a day, and you’ll notice how much more energetic you are – and your skin will be suppler and look younger.


Skip Sugar… Sometimes

If only sugar weren’t that sweet! We all know how highly addictive it is because chocolate and cakes just taste that good! But if you decrease your white sugar consumption, you’ll lower your risk of various diseases and condition, such as obesity (hello, Captain Obvious!) and high blood pressure. And you’ll definitely look youthful after a while!


Embrace the “Omm”

Meditation can feel weird at first, but those who practice it swear by its benefits for both body and soul. When you’re stressed and feeling all over the place, meditation is an excellent way to stop and smell the roses. It will help you get rid of stress and fight anxiety, which can also lead to sleeping better, and we all know how good we look when we’ve had enough sleep. Beginners can look for guided meditation applications if they feel like they don’t know what they’re doing!


 Don’t Use Bed Just for Sleep

In other words, have sex regularly. Getting older is not an excuse to engage in this fun activity any less! Quite the opposite, regular sex can make you and your partner look and feel seven years younger. You shouldn’t be surprised, as sex increases blood circulation and is basically a workout you don’t want to miss.



Speaking of workouts, everyone and their grandmother know that you should keep on being active even as you age – or especially as you age! Regular physical activity can do wonders for the ageing bones and muscles, decrease your chance of falls and breaks, make you stronger and better looking, which definitely means younger as well!

Put the Record On

Well, it will probably be Spotify instead of a record but, but you catch our drift. Play your favourite music, especially the songs that will immediately transport you to important moments from your past. We vote for music you listened to in your twenties or earlier – boosting your happiness level as a result of this on a regular basis will put a mischievous smile on your face!


Get Your Hair Done

Invest an afternoon and some cash and go to the best hairdresser you know. Tell them to find you the perfect cut and style that suits your face shape and texture of your hair. Did you know that having a cut that doesn’t suit you can make you look much older than you actually are? That would be such a shame, so make sure you get a brand new style that will change the way you look and feel about yourself!


Find a Hobby

Having a hobby is a great way to spend time, learn something, relax, unleash your creativity and have a fun new purpose. If it’s not a solitary activity, you might even meet new people and invite them into your life. But dedicating several hours a week to rekindle your love for an old hobby or finding an entirely new one will definitely make you feel more energised and happier, and result in a bright view at the world that is visible on your face!


Getting old is sometimes a burden when you think of all the things that might be happening inside of your body. But it’s the head that matters: use the time you have to enjoy, have fun, spend time with your loved one, and try and stay healthy for as long as possible. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is the first step in looking younger and oh-so-happy!



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