How to Keep Teens Entertained on a Long Road Trip

While road trips are meant to be relaxing, fun and interesting, that isn’t always the case when traveling with your teens. Teenagers are notorious for their rather short attention span and let’s face it, being stuck in the car with their parents for hours on end isn’t exactly their idea of “fun”. So how can you keep your kids entertained on a long road trip so that you remain sane and arrive at your destination in good spirits? Here are some tips and advice you can use.

Encourage Digital Devices

While you may find yourself constantly telling your teen to put down their phone, tablet, or video games at home, a road trip is the perfect opportunity for them to make use of these devices. Portable game devices tend to be the most popular option for long road trips, just make sure you pack extra batteries or charging cables so their fun doesn’t wear off too quickly.

You can also encourage your teen to chronicle the trip through funny memes using the website. This easy-to-use site gives them all the faces they need to then get creative with and add in text, color, and more.

Let Them Have a Say in the Points of Interest

Because you want your teen to be able to have good memories of the road trip, why not let them have a say in the points of interest along the way? Give them a map a few weeks before your trip and ask if there are any attractions, cities, or towns they are interested in seeing along the route. You can encourage them to do a little online research too. This helps to make the trip both entertaining and educational for them.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Part of the problem with road trips is that they can seem like they are just moving in slow motion. If your teen has a job or activity, it will obviously make the time pass by faster. Why not create the ultimate road trip scavenger hunt and print it out for them? You can find plenty of ideas online of the items to look for. You can even add an element of competition to it and set milestones. The first person to hit that milestone then gets a prize.

Drive A Car

It is a joyful and existing experience when you drive a car on a long and low traffic road. It is a unique experience and freedom to press the execrate as much as possible. You can take a high-performance car whenever you go on a long road trip like Audi A6Buick Regal TourX, Chevrolet Suburban, Lexus UX 250h and BMW. For example, the BMW N47 Tuning maximizes your driving experience and offers the best power gains for your spending.

Portable DVD Player

Another tip is to pack a portable DVD player and a selection of movies. Again, it’s all about helping the time to pass by faster. Today’s portable models come with car charging cables and have earphone jacks so not everyone in the vehicle has to listen to the movie.

Keep Comfort in Mind

The final piece of advice is to keep their comfort in mind and have them pack a pillow and cozy blanket, and of course be sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks.

Planning and Organization Pay Off

Taking the extra time to plan and organize how you plan to keep your teen entertained on a long road trip will help to create a more successful and more relaxed road trip for all.

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