Women as wives and mothers don’t get a lot of appreciation. Not saying that women don’t like the effort and sacrifices they put in to manage a family, but some form of appreciation sometimes can make her happy, motivate her more. So, if you are a husband and want to show your appreciation for your wife then gift her something wonderful that she would enjoy. It may be her birthday, your anniversary or simply a normal day, you can give her something to make her feel special or a gift that you can both enjoy. Read on to know the gifting options that you can get for your better half.

Edible gifts

You wife may have a sweet tooth and if she truly does then a gift box full of gourmet, cookies, cake and chocolate will be very welcome. Many vendors also offer cookie subscriptions which allow your wife to have cookies but in smaller quantities every month rather than at one go. And every time the flavors change as per the season, she can have those new flavors. Similarly, gifts such as wine or cheese tasting with a picnic will also work well.

Sex toys

Sex toys and gifts maynot be the most conventional gift ideas, but they will be well received. Couples often experiment in the bedroom and these toys will only make your sex life hotter. You can buy a clit pump online or buy similar women specific toys at a specialty store to pleasure your wife. Sex releases feel-good hormones so pleasuring your wife is definitely a good way to show appreciation. One can buy adult sex toys online or buy these special toys at a store.

Makeup and toiletries

Most women like makeup and some even love it. Makeup may not always mean a full set of eye shadows, highlighter, bronzer or a bunch of lip colors. It may mean a simple mascara and lip gloss or some nail polish and a lip crayon. Gifting your wife with makeup doesn’t mean buying the full collection. Little things which can work standalone will also be accepted well. Apart from makeup, there is also a range of toiletries ranging from scented body washes, moisturisers, body butter and perfumes that will be loved by your wife.


Again, women like wearing jewellery. Be it earrings, bangles, bracelets or neckpieces, they love to adorn different body parts. You can always pick out a gold ring or earrings to surprise her with. If gold isn’t in your budget, then you can either go for statement pieces or simple but feminine earrings and necklace. Your wife will definitely love a well-matched set of earrings, necklace and a finger ring.

Salon and spa time

Another big one on any woman’s list is the free opportunity to visit a salon or a spa. All women will love some “me time” when they can relax and have someone do their hair or nails or give them a good foot massage. Wives and mothers are constantly on their feet and a voucher for a spa or salon will bring a smile to their face.


Women love their hats and bags. Bags are utility items as they carry most of their useful (and sometimes useless) items. Wipes, sanitizer, makeup, wallet, sunglasses, scarves and a lot of other things go into a bag and it helps women carry everything with them, wherever they go. So, women LOVE bags. Apart from that a pair of trendy sunglasses, a cashmere scarf, wallets etc. will also make lovely gifts for women.

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