How to Help Your Employees if They Injured at Job

Life is unpredictable. In some ways this is a good thing – it was by chance that you met your last girlfriend, it was a surprise to have a big birthday bash, and so on. In other cases, however, life can throw a serious curveball your way which is far from pleasant. Being in a car accident, for instance, can lay workers up for days if not weeks. In the tech industry, true talent is few and far in between, and you need to do better for your employees than try to replace them as soon as you can. That is why, if you are in the tech industry or any industry at all, you should seek help from an occupational health and safety management system and follow this guide on how to help your employees if they’ve been injured off the job:

Forget the FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act protects workers. It ensures that they have twelve weeks of unpaid, job-guaranteed leave if they have been hospitalized for any reason. The problem with this act, however, is that it is only given to those who have been working at a company for more than a year. Unfortunately, this means that many people who just started a new, great job that would help them support their family, are abandoned in their greatest hour of need. Not only is that bad business, but it’s also poor sportsmanship. That is why, even if for budgetary reasons or logistics, you do need to fire an employee who has been hospitalized for too long. Inform them that, as soon as they are better, you will personally work towards finding another job in your company, or at the very least try to find them a new job somewhere else.

Help Them Seek Compensation

Far too many people forgo getting the compensation that they need, simply because they either don’t believe they deserve it or they don’t believe it is worth the fight. The simple fact of the matter is, that if they have been injured and sent to the hospital, and it was due to someone else’s fault, they need that compensation. They need it to cover any extra costs, their medical bills, and even the time they have to take off work to heal. Car accidents are one of the most common examples of this, which is why you should refer your employee to a Chicago car accident lawyer and encourage him or her to get what they deserve.

Work with Them When They Return

It is always better to focus on what your employees can do when they first return to work, rather than what they cannot. Work with them to help them adjust back into the workplace. It could mean working from home to start, or it could mean reduced hours, and so on. The more you listen, the better you will be able to accommodate them as they get back on track.

Injuries are almost never on purpose, and yet they have the potential to completely disrupt, if not destroy, a person’s life. Don’t make matters worse, and do all you can to help your employee get back on their feet. You’ll gain loyalty that is hard to beat and keep a talented worker in your midst.

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