How to Have the Perfect Cozy Night In

Sometimes, you just want to escape the outside world, avoid expensive social trips out, and simply enjoy being in your home, whether alone or with a loved one. Cozy nights in are great for recharging your batteries, spending some quality self-care time at home, and relaxing after a long week. They’re even better if the weather outside leaves you wanting to do nothing but hide away from it all.

Here’s how to make your night in the coziest it can be.

  • Get Supplies

You can’t hope to have a cozy night in without being equipped with everything you need. Get delicious snacks and a bottle of something so that you can set up your table in your seated space and have everything in reach throughout the night. Surround yourself with what you need so that you don’t have to keep getting up and going to the kitchen!

  • Set the Mood with Lighting

Nothing ruins a cozy mood more than bright, overhead lighting. Instead, you want warm lamps and candlelight throughout the room, to fill your space with a welcoming glow. You may also want to introduce warm fairy lights for a more magical lighting experience, which you can easily drape anywhere you need to within your space.

  • Get a Fire Going

A fireplace is an ultimate tool for cozy relaxation. It can transform an entire room from cold and uninviting to snug and homely within moments. Even simply the appearance of flickering flames is enough to induce a more peaceful state of mind within a living room when you’re trying to relax.

Ensuring that your living room has a fireplace is going to be the ultimate tool, especially for the colder, winter months when you want to snuggle indoors. You can browse many options with providers like, no matter whether you have modern or more traditional tastes.

  • Optimize Your Seating Arrangement

If you’re having a cozy night in, then you need the most comfortable and inviting place to sit and spend the evening? You want your sofa, chair (or even your floor arrangement) to be filled with soft additions, like a cozy throw and large, soft cushions. Make sure everything is warm and inviting, and that you have something to pull over you to get more comfortable.

  • Choose Your Entertainment

For the perfect night in, you need an activity of choice to fill your time and to act as the main focal point for your evening. If you’re watching a movie, then you need to set up your space to be directed at the TV and make sure your TV is backlit with warm lighting or surrounded by candles to create a better vibe.

If you’re curling up with a good book, then make sure you have a warm reading lamp set up close to your seat — or curl up in front of the fire with the light of the flames.

You may simply want to relax and be mindful instead. In this case, add extras such as relaxing background music and maybe incense and scented candles so that all your senses are relaxed and taken care of.


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