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How To Get Salon Hair at Home - Likeitgirl

The first thing we understand that in salons how they wash hair properly. To wash hair properly gives your hair shine. When you use a good shampoo conditioner or serum you feel better after using these products.

Remember when you are applying shampoo on your hair then you should massage with your fingers. In this way, the blood circulation is also increased which makes your hair roots strong or healthy.

These following steps can help you to get worthy hair at home:

  • Apply a good shampoo. Wash your hair with that shampoo that is free of alcohol sulfate. Apply a good quality shampoo. Rinse your hair with water. Rinse your hair again .if you have extra time then continue this activity. You should get the time to your hair with fingertips like a scrubbing motion.
  • Use a good conditioner.you should also rinse your hair to the second time. and then apply a good quality conditioner. You should not apply the conditioner to the roots of the hair.
  • Use the hair serum: You should apply hair serum on your hair. Hair serum work like a hair mask.
  • Protect your hair against damaging factors. When you stand the temperature round about 40-60 C, your dry hair absorbs the temperature roundabout  185 C

Make sure your hair is 100% dry then you should use straighteners, tongs or heated rolls.

If you have curly hair you should use a serum or oil and with a diffuser to choose a medium heat or speed to reduce damage.  

You should also pic a perfect curling tone:

Choose the barrel size according to your curling tong, basically larger barrel is used for the long hair. And to the tighter curl, you should use the smaller barrel size it gives you last longer throughout the day.

During curling your hair you should use the alternate angel. Finish all the procedures with hair spray and serum.

Choosing the right brush gives a good impact on your hair

You should use the brushes which have holes in them, they create a volumizing effect because airflow passes through them.

Meanwhile, to use the soft brushes it gives your hair shine or reducing the frizz. You should use the softer hairband when tying up your hair.  

You should also clean your daily appliance like hairdryer tongs straighteners to maximize their lifespan. To remove dust or other particles to your appliance you can use nail varnish remover.

Before cleaning the product make sure that your appliance is turned off.

Do not use the rough or hard textured towel:

 The rough or hard towel makes badly effect on your hair. When you are drying your hair with a soft material towel it gives smoothness your hair and prevents freezes. Never rub your hair with the towel this will create tangling or damage yours.

Apply nourishing mask:

You must use the nourishing mask before using the hairdryer for hair.

You should  use a heat protector:

Get spray your hair to prevent all sort of heat that damages your hair. As the use of a hair protector is more valuable for your hair than blow dry.


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