How To Get Ready For An Amazing Girls Night Out

It can take weeks to plan an awesome girls night out. Between balancing everyone’s busy schedules and making decisions about when to do it and where to go, this can be a major operation, particularly if you’re juggling family commitments and a hectic work week. When the big night finally arrives, you want it to be good – or all of that crazy planning was for nothing. Use these prep tips to have a night out that you’ll all remember for years to come.

  1. Plan your outfit. The most stressful part of getting ready for any big night out is always the outfit choice. This is particularly tough if you haven’t been out to a party or a club in a long time. Leave some room in your schedule a few nights before the event to decide what you want to wear – this will also give you the time to change your mind or to hit the shops if you can’t find anything suitable in your closet. Don’t forget to find stylish evening bags to carry your phone, keys, and money in without having to lug a huge handbag along for the evening.
  2. Dress for confidence. When picking an outfit for the night, aim to feel as confident as possible. When you feel good about yourself, your mood lifts and you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and let loose. Opt for a look that’s flattering, fashion-forward, and comfortable enough that you can dance with the girls and walk around the club without having to take your shoes off halfway through the night.
  3. Get the transport sorted. Getting the travel arrangements for your evening sorted out is key – when that goes wrong, the whole night can fall apart. If you’re staying over with a friend, make sure there’s enough parking for every guest’s cars. Then it’s time to select a designated driver – someone in the group who can be trusted to make sure everyone gets home safely. If no one’s up to the challenge, book a taxi ahead of time to get you home without any drama.
  4. Feel fresh and clean. There’s nothing worse than leaving work and having to head straight to the bar to meet your friends without having any time to get ready. Make sure you have an hour or so to get home and freshen up. Take a quick shower, dry your hair, and spritz on some fresh perfume so you’re not carrying the exhaustion and stress of the workday along with you. Soak in a bath with some scented oils if you want to feel really chilled.
  5. Fill up on healthy food. If you’re planning to have a few cocktails with the girls, it’s best to fill up your stomach with some nourishing food before you get started. Having a healthy meal will also reduce your chances of overeating street food later in the night. Make a tasty meal and enjoy it before you leave.
  6. Get ready together. Doing your hair and makeup together is one of the best parts of going out with the girls. Meet up at one house and have some quiet time together to catch up, share makeup and beauty tips, and plan the evening together.
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