How to find the right personal trainer for your fitness-journey

If you are serious about having a healthy lifestyle, then it makes sense to hire the services of a personal trainer. They are professionals who are trained to help you reach your wellness goals. Personal trainers not only aid you in keeping track of your progress but also ensure you get the best out of your body, and train safely.

When choosing a personal trainer, there are certain aspects to consider. In this article, we look at how to select the right personal trainer for  your fitness journey.

Check the authenticity

The most important thing to establish in the first instance is whether your personal trainer is suitably qualified and experienced with the right skills and knowledge under their belt.  Done wrong, personal training can cause you injury so it is a responsible position and you must be able to trust that the person pushing you to your physical limits isn’t in danger of causing you long-term harm.

Personal trainers need to pass an exam from their respective bodies if they want to work professionally. The minimum standard of training a personal trainer should have is a Level 2 Certificate but some trainers are qualified to Degree level so do not accept promises from someone that they know what they are talking about if they don’t have any qualifications to back that up.

What about the Experience

There is no harm in being trained by someone who is newly qualified if they have been through a rigorous education course. To qualify they will have had to have practised for a minimum number of hours under supervision and on their own. However, it certainly helps if someone has experience of working with people who have similar experiences and goals to yours.

Sure, you may have to pay more for someone with a lot of experience, but at least you will get someone who has been in the field for a while and really knows the best way to help you reach your fitness goals.

Decide your focus areas

It may not seem that important if you just generally want to just be fitter and healthier, but setting specific goals is crucial. Although good fitness trainers know how to guide someone whatever their goals, when it comes to setting the goals, that is something you need to do yourself.

Do you have weight loss goals? Do you want a six pack and a toned body? Do you want to be able to take up a sport like skiing but aren’t currently fit enough? Once you have these worked out, you can create a roadmap to achieving these goals with a personal trainer. Knowing these goals might even be crucial in helping you choose which personal trainer to hire as some will be more skilled and experienced in certain fields than others.

Go for Specialisation

Some fitness trainers will have been through education courses that allow them to specialise in certain types of personal training. Now that you know your goals, look for a personal trainer who is a master at the category of training and guidance you need.

It can make a big difference when someone knows their specialism inside out and is up to date on the latest trends and research.

Evaluate the Cost

How much you are willing to pay will of course be a deciding factor in the outcome of your decision. Look for a professional who satisfies you with what they have to offer and at a cost you are happy to pay.

You want good value for your money. The service costs will vary depending on the level of certification the person has, how many years’ experience they have and where you live. So shop around.

Speak to References

You should know who you are dealing with and if they really can do what they say. Therefore ask for references and if they have written references, ask if you can speak to someone in person who they have worked with to back up what they have to say.

Sort out the timings

One of the most significant factors in not being able to achieve your wellness targets are time constraints. Decide how long will you need the services of a personal trainer and if you will be able to work with them for that long.

Similarly, ask them the times during which they are available so that you can come up with a schedule that fits with your family, work and lifestyle. If you have any doubts about their availability to fit around your life, then it doesn’t make sense to jump into something like this which requires full commitment.

Dietary competence

If a person is to train you to achieve your target weight or help you with strengthening your body then they absolutely must know a thing or two about what diet is required. A good personal trainer should not only guide you but also develop a diet plan for you after they have spent some time with you.

Everybody has particular requirements, but a professional can give you advice on which supplements you need, the type of food that will help you with strength or weight loss and how should you integrate certain kinds of nutrition into your daily routines.

Personality matters

Personality matters a lot. You will get a sense when you meet the person whether they are someone you can get along well with or whether they are someone you may end up clashing with.

A personal trainer should look like someone who lives and breathes what they preach. Ask them about their philosophy and how they like to go about things. Some like to motivate while others are more strict; both have one goal. It all comes down to which way works best for you so decide carefully.

Overall, a bad trainer cannot only result in a waste of your money but may take your body back several months from where you are. So make sure you have considered all the points above and go for someone who can inspire you and motivate you to be the best you can be.

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