Can you turn your move into a breathe? Maybe. Besides careful planning, smart packing, and excellent preparations, you need to find the best moving company.

Looking for the ideal movers can be tough when you don’t know what factors to watch out for. Start considering your options early so you can choose among several candidates. Most likely, when you search for moving companies, you’ll be showered with offers. Give yourself sufficient time to single out the perfect mover.

In this article, we’ll tell you what to look out for when selecting a moving service provider.


1. Think About The Cost

Cost is often the deciding factor for many things we do. Choosing the right moving company isn’t an exception. Before hiring movers, you need to get a good idea of how much a move costs.

The price depends on many factors, including the area you live in, the distance of the move, the number of movers, and the time it takes to complete the work. Additional expenses include packing and storage.

Once you figure out which services you need, find out the average cost, and go from there. Movers that offer cheap prices should raise a red flag. Moving is a tough job, which requires plenty of time and effort. No one is ready to do it for pennies.

When you are choosing between two movers that satisfy you completely, the price can be a deciding factor.

2. Get a Quote

To continue the subject, let’s talk about quotes. Movers that promise to give you a quote over the phone or based on your information online may not be what you are looking for. Remember, it’s virtually impossible to estimate the cost of the move remotely. So if you’ve gotten such an estimate, be ready for unexpected expenses on-site.

According to Toronto movers at Torex Moving, a respectable company should send a representative to your house, apartment or office. That’s the only error-free way to estimate the approximate cost of the move.

Ask the company to send a representative. If they say that they don’t do it, consider looking for other options.

3. Consider the Location

The best movers are your local movers. They should have headquarters in your neighborhood ,or at least in the city, you are moving from. Any remote company should be crossed off your list. Remote movers often hire local workers to perform the move. The quality of their services could be questionable.

Meanwhile, remote movers can’t estimate the cost of the move since they can’t send qualified representatives to your home.

If the mover is located in your area, you can visit the office to sign a contract and check out the equipment the company uses. At the same time, it’s much easier to get feedback about local movers. Your neighbors, friends or coworkers are likely to recommend a company in the area.

4. Dig Deeper

Make sure to do a thorough research of the moving company even if it comes highly recommended. When you are comparing the price lists of different companies, you can also do background checks of the candidates.

If you are moving to another state or country, your movers should be properly licensed. In the USA, interstate movers must have a USDOT number to arrange such moves. You can use a special service to figure out if the company has permission for interstate moves.

Another way to check if your company is legitimate is to visit the Better Business Bureau. You can find your potential mover there, check the reviews, and find out if it has been accredited by BBB. If so, it means that the company has met the organization’s high service standards.

5. Check The Insurance

You are entrusting your valuables to the company you know little about. If you are moving truly valuable items, you should consider “full value protection” insurance. When signing a contract with movers, you get basic insurance. However, such insurance guarantees you a small amount per pound of moved goods regardless of their true value.

By opting for full value protection, you can be sure all of your items are insured. Such insurance may either be offered by the moving company or purchased from a third party.

6. Negotiate the Moving Price

Once the representative of a moving company visits your home or office to evaluate the move, you have an opportunity to negotiate. The majority of moving companies don’t have prices set in stone.

If you have several candidates, you can allow yourself to negotiate the price with each of them. The best bidder wins. Remember to tell the representative that you are considering good offers from other companies.

To reduce the cost of the move, you can also ask for special deals or promotions. Many movers try to get more clients by offering discounts. Just make sure to read the fine print. Some deals have so many requirements that your move may not be subject to them.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a moving company, you have to be ready for a long search. Make sure to do proper research about each candidate, check credentials, insurance options, and reviews. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask for deals or discounts. The more time and effort you invest in a mover selection, the faster, easier, and cheaper your move is likely to be.






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