How to Find the Best Doctor for You: 3 Tips

If you have just moved or have just changed insurance plans, you need to find a doctor who best fits your needs. You want to ensure that you have a doctor who will listen to your concerns and will be sensitive to your needs. You can find the best doctor for you  by considering the three tips below.

1. Check the Facts First

Before you can start testing out doctors of any kind, you need to first ensure that a doctor is in your insurance network. Double-check what is on the insurance’s website by calling the office as well.


 Look to see also if the doctor is associated with any greater healthcare company in your community as this will help you to determine the type of service you will receive. Look up reviews for the doctor and for the affiliated healthcare company to get a general understanding.


You need to also look to see if the doctor that you want to visit is still certified with the board. You can visit a website where you can actually enter the name of the doctor to determine if the certification is active and legal for care. 


The doctor should be undergoing continuous education so that they are always up to date on the latest treatments that are available to you if certified. They also had to complete whatever medical school that was required by them and completed the exams that were required by them to obtain licensure.

2. Consider the Relationship

You want to make sure, after visiting the doctor for the first time, that you feel as if you are compatible. Make sure that the doctor does not interrupt you when you are describing your needs and that he or she wants to listen to your concerns. 


Ensure that the doctor does not seem rushed and that he or she wants to is willing to give the explanation you desire. Even ensure that he or she is not just quick to provide a prescription and is willing to try out a variety of treatment methods.


In regards to treatment and the relationship, there are certain red flags that you should look out for when testing out a doctor. Look to see if there are any disciplinary actions on the doctor’s record.  Look to see if there are any malpractice suits against the medical professional as well. If it is more than just a few, they likely are someone that you may want to reconsider seeing for your own healthcare needs, and you should keep looking around.

3. Think About the Office Environment Itself

The final consideration for finding the best doctor for you is to consider the office itself. First, ask how long it takes typically to get an appointment and think about how long you are waiting in the waiting room when you come in to be seen. Consider even how the front desk staff treats you and how respectful they are to your needs. You want staff that are friendly and that are there to help you rather than scrutinize you, especially when you are not feeling your best, to begin with.


Consider also what technology the office of this new doctor uses and how updated and modern they seem to be, especially if this is important to you. Make sure that they are using an electronic health record at least as this will help to keep your data secure and private. 


Ask about a patient portal where you can easily go to after your appointment to check your diagnosis and treatment plans, and where you can even pay your bills. Ask the best ways to contact the doctor or the office too, even seeing if there are telehealth appointments or emails available to you.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when you are looking for a new doctor of any kind and it can be tricky to find the one that is right for you based on only the marketing for doctors. You want to make sure that there is a certain friendliness from everyone and that your concerns are met with respect. You also want to ensure that there is updated technology in the office and that all credentials are met for insurance and by the board.


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