How to Find the Best Consultant for Permanent Residence Canada?

There are several ways to start your application for Canadian permanent residency. The most challenging part is not to find the best option that gives the highest result but to find out which pathway is the best to proceed with your application.

There are two ways to go about it. First, You can visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC)web portal and go through over a hundred immigration programs and visas to determine the most suitable option. Second, You can hire the best consultant for Canada PR to guide the entire immigration process to Canada.

However, there are too many scam artists who can lure people in by offering guaranteed visas. They can easily take advantage of the immigration applicants. It is hard for a common man to identify immigration scammers. Here are the tips to choose the best consultant for Canada PR that is reputed and reliable.

  • Check for knowledge and expertise

Your permanent residency application approval is not only dependent on several basic eligibility criteria but there are complicated legal procedures involved when you migrate to Canada. An experienced consultant can help you fill your application forms, submit the supporting documents, and ensure that you meet the requirement for Canada PR.

They are well-versed in immigration law and regulations. Instead of running into problems and risking your application getting rejected, it is always better to seek professional help.

  • Following rules and regulations 

While finding an authorized immigration consultant in Chennai, it is essential to pay attention to whether they are following the rules and regulations of the IRCC or not. It is a consultant’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are compliant with current rules. You may overlook a requirement for PR, but a professional consultant does not, as he is well-versed with all requirements.

  • The consultant’s fees are affordable, and they offer honest advice.

An authorized immigration and citizenship representative’s core objective is to offer the best immigration service. Their rates are affordable, and they do not give false promises. They are invested in providing you the best legal immigration service, which is why you can see honesty in their communication.

  • Check their registration number for credibility

For any authorized Canadian immigration consultant to offer paid immigration and visa services, it needs to be registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulation Council (ICCRC).

Every Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) goes through rigorous testing and training by IRCC before they can provide legal assistance with the visa application. They always have a unique registration number which you can ask to verify their genuineness.

  • Check your consultant’s relationship with the ICCRC

Another thing you have to ensure is that your consultant is in good standing with the ICCRC. Your RCIC’s license may have been revoked because they have done something that goes against the ICCRC code of ethics.

They may have also not paid their membership fees or renewed their registration. In such cases, they are not legally permitted to provide paid immigration or visa services.  Anyone can offer advice or guidance as long as they are for free. If they charge for consulting services, they have to be a qualified immigration lawyer or registered with ICCRC.

Remember! When you hire an RCIC to help you with your visa or PR application, you will be required to share your representative’s name and registration number. The government will then check up on their credentials.

  • Look out for red flags.

You need to see if they are asking for your credit card details over the phone. The Canadian immigration never asks for sensitive information over the phone. Applicants are always directed to a secure payment page to make payments. Furthermore, be wary of people who guarantee a Canadian visa or job offer. Also, never respond to strange emails from immigration companies that you have not even contacted.

Pay attention important details

Although there is no way to know that your application for a Canadian visa will be accepted, you can give yourself the best shot by choosing the best immigration consultant in Chennai or anywhere in India. To do so, you need to follow the underlying points.

  Enquire about their immigration knowledge

  • Ask about their experience in immigration services
  • Ask about their recent success
  • Speak to their former clients
  • Seek advice from people who have had their services.
  • Check their website and social media pages.
  • Verify that they are approved by the Canadian government.

Enquire about their training and experience

  • See if they are authorized
  • Ask for references and find out for how long they have been in the immigration consultancy business.
  • Discuss their services and the fees they charge.

After you choose your consultant

  • Ensure that you have a written contract, and you have read it carefully before signing.
  • Keep original documents with you.
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