How to Exfoliate Your Dull Complexion for Healthy and Bright Skin

dull complextion

Everyone wants to have bright, glowing skin that makes them look healthy and happy. Unfortunately, for many reasons, people may find dull complexion, which makes them look tired and worn down. Not the kind of face most of us want to present to the world!

If this is something you are struggling with at the moment, you don’t need to worry. It is possible for you to overcome a dull complexion so that you can bring out your natural, healthy glowing skin. In this article, we will tell you how to do that.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a practice that dates back all the way to ancient Egypt. It involves the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface to resolve some skin problems.

There are different ways to exfoliate your skin. For example, you can exfoliate your skin using mechanical means or chemical means. No matter which way you choose to exfoliate your skin, it will end up bringing about the same outcome.

Why Should You Exfoliate?

  • Exfoliation is thought to be one of the most important techniques you can perform to resolve some skin problems.
  • Exfoliating allows moisturizers and anti-aging formulas like Juvabrite to be better absorbed through the skin. Which helps you to keep your skin healthy and youthful.
  • Exfoliating will help you to apply makeup in a smoother, more even fashion.
  • Your body naturally sheds skin cells and generates new ones, but as we age, the body takes longer to shed the dead skin cells. By the time you are 40, it sheds the cells every 40 days, up from every 28 days when you were under 20. Exfoliation lets you manually carry out this natural process.
  • One of the side effects that take place when the dead skin cells are not being shed from your skin is dull skin. This happens because the cells pile up, diffusing the light and making your skin appear dull. Exfoliating the skin can help bring back that bright, healthy glow.
  • Regularly exfoliating your skin will help you to retain your skin’s bright, healthy glow. Choosing to exfoliate your skin at night rather than in the morning will allow you to cleanse all of the gunk that has built up in your skin during the day.

How to Exfoliate?

Before you start to exfoliate, you want to make sure that you are not sunburned and that you do not have any open cuts or wounds.

You want to wet a washcloth with hot water and hold it onto your face for 1-2 minutes. This will open your pores. Follow this up by cleaning your face using a face wash.

Once you have done that, you want to rub the exfoliating scrub onto your face in circular motions using a washcloth or your fingers. Do this gently so that you do not damage your skin.

Then rinse your face clean with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a towel.

What is the Best Way to Exfoliate?

Depending on the health and sensitivity of your skin, you may find that certain exfoliation methods are better for you than others. If you have sensitive skin, you will want to be very careful when it comes to choosing the best method for your skin.

The methods you can use are split into manual and chemical exfoliation methods. You can choose to use just one method that you think works for you, or you can use a mix of different methods. For example, many women use manual exfoliation on a more regular basis while using chemical exfoliation on a more intermittent basis.

If you choose manual exfoliation, when you choose your exfoliator you want an exfoliating scrub with smooth round granules. If you choose jagged, rough particles, then it is likely that you will end up injuring your skin.

If you choose to chemically exfoliate, the best chemical to use depends on your skin type. If you have the oily or normal skin, then you want a product that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If you have dry skin, you are probably best sticking to manual exfoliation, but if you do use chemical exfoliation, avoid any products that contain glycolic acid. It is highly recommended to check with your dermatologist before going ahead with any chemical exfoliation to be sure the product you use is compatible with your skin and that it will not cause you any problems.

To get a nice shining glow on your skin, you need to exfoliate on a regular basis. Consistency is key, but be sure you don’t overdo it. Regular exfoliation means once per week as a maximum. If you exfoliate too often, you run the risk of damaging your skin by over-exfoliation. It is likely that over-exfoliation will cause irritation and dryness even if it doesn’t cause long-term damage.




Exfoliation is an excellent way to brighten up dull skin and recover facial glow. As your body’s natural skin shedding slows down with age, you will need to use exfoliation to ensure that your skin doesn’t get duller.

Whether you choose to go ahead with chemical or manual exfoliation is up to you. But the good news is that you can make a great improvement to the brightness of your skin whichever method you choose.



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