It’s very challenging to come up with various outfits for all the different types of events that happen throughout the year – from office casual parties to cocktail parties with friends. It’s quite common in today’s day and age to use the casual outfit as the de-facto dress code for most events and occasions.

In a casual party, your attire should always be functional and fun. The outfit should be comfortable to get you through the whole evening. Also, the time at which the party will be held will affect your decision making as well. If it’s daytime, then the dress code should be sophisticated and playful. If it’s at night, then it should be daring and dramatic.

Sophisticated Ways To Dress Up For A Casual Party

For Men

1. Denim

Since the 1950s, jeans have been the spine of the casual outfit category. If you have nice fitting jeans, it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. In case if you want a polished look, then you have selected a darker shade with slim, regular or straight-fit styles.

2. Chinos

Chinos are a nice way to mix up your outfit from time to time. If you alternate your jeans with chinos, the overall appearance of your outfit will change. Try to invest in colours like beige and khaki – which are easier to match. They are also stylish, comfortable and aid you in obtaining a smarter look.

3. Shirts And Blazers

A long-sleeved, well-fitted shirt is very essential for your wardrobe. You can also roll up the cuffs if you want a more comfortable look. To make a good foundation, start with a white coloured shirt.

Talking about blazers, an unstructured, navy coloured blazer will be easier to match with your outfit and wardrobe. You should invest in a quality looking blazer because it’s a timeless piece that will always accentuate your style.

4. Shoes And Accessories

Choosing the right kind of men’s shoes Perth products will make a huge impact in finishing up your overall looks. High-End looking sneakers will be a great option nevertheless. Alternatively, you can select oxford leather shoes as well.

For adding a tint of your personality to the mix, you can accessorise your style. For example, you can purchase a glossy, dark-brown coloured leather belt, invest in a good looking stainless steel watch, a nice looking handkerchief and also a leather wallet – to complete the whole look.

For Women

1. Dresses

When it comes to casual party wear, the obvious choices are lace dresses, bodycon dresses, a-line dresses, sheath dresses, etcetera. You can also try jumpsuits or pantsuits, combined with fine-looking body jewellery.

2. Tops And Skirts

If dresses are not your thing, then you can pick up a good looking top to go with a skirt. You can try mini skirts, knee-length skirts or even maxi skirts as well. Coming to the types, there’s a-line skirts, bodycon skirts, pencil skirts, flared skirts and a whole lot of varieties to choose from.

For your torso, you can either wear a bodysuit that will fit snugly into your curves. Otherwise, you can choose crop tops, cold-shoulder tops, ruffle tops, asymmetrical tops, etcetera, in either half, full or no sleeves styles. All of these types will match brilliantly with your skirt.

3. Shirts And Denim

Blue denim along with a white shirt is one of the most popular styles that you can never go wrong with. You can try and change that up a bit by wearing distressed denim, for an effortless and chic look. When you’re wearing shirts and denim, try to keep your make-up minimum, because you’d want your outfit to take the centre stage.

4. Blazers Or Leather Jackets

Just like men, leather jackets and blazers are also very essential to accentuate your looks. You can alternatively use pull-overs instead of blazers or jackets. You can either wear a full-sized blazer (or jacket) or wear a cropped one.

5. Shoes And Accessories

For shoes, you can take out your favourite pumps, stilettos or wedges. There’s also low-heeled or moderate-heeled sandals that you can also try on. White sneakers should look great as well with dresses and denim.

When it comes to accessories, you can either select leather handbags Perth products or go with a bright colored clutch.
Added to that, a good looking casual hat, a stainless steel watch along with minimal earrings and pieces of jewelry, should be perfect.

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