Who doesn’t like the clean bed for sleeping? Patients find it extremely satisfying to have clean bedsheets. Having clean sheets on the bed makes it feel good. Also, it helps people sleep comfortably. Usually, we use the same bed sheet for a few days. Then, we toss it into the washing machine for proper cleaning. That’s it! That’s the regular washing cycle for the bedsheets for us. But when it comes to the patients, we have to take additional care. That’s why, Buying disposable bed sheets is a viable option. But buying bed sheets online is not possible these days.

There is no chance of mistake in maintaining the hygiene of the patients. If you have patients in the house, then you should take extra care. Washing and sterilizing bedsheets for the patients is the first step. Washing the bedsheets correctly is the key to maintaining the hygiene of the ill person. Well, in this post, we are going to share the information about the sterilization of bedsheets. As the pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting billions of people, we will learn the ways to disinfect sheets.

Importance of Sterilizing Bedsheets for Patients

Sterilizing the sheets is very important. When you have a patient in the home or at the hospitals, you should not neglect the same. As the patients need fresh sheets every day, you should take care of the same. Here are a few benefits of sterilizing the bedsheets for patients.

#1 – Hygiene

This is the most significant point of disinfecting the bedsheets. You should maintain hygiene in the hospital or at home. The patient may have some infectious disease or even leave the traces of the virus and bacteria. The same thing can lead to the slower recovery of the patient. Also, it may lead to a worsening of the condition. That’s why using clean bedsheets is advisable. In case you are a COVID-19 patient, then using an infected sheet will cause a worsening of the condition.

#2 – Prevent Spread

COVID-19 is an infectious disease. It spreads through any medium. Be it touch, air, water, or food. So, keeping the sheets clean and disinfecting, the same is essential. Cleaning the bedsheets removes the virus from the same. Also, it prevents the spread of the virus to other people. Even when you are under quarantine due to suspicion, you should do the same.

How to Clean and Disinfect Bed Sheets?

Enough of battering, and we should focus on the actual process. Here is a step-by-step procedure for disinfecting the sheets.

  1. First of all, follow all of the protection procedures to stay safe from infection.COVID-19 virus is very contagious. So, touching the sheets of the patients or self-quarantined patients is risky. Use hand gloves, face mask, or apply alcoholic sanitizer on your hand and proceed further.
  2. Use Hot Mode in your Washing machine. Put the Bed Sheet carefully and let it wash for a good 15 minutes or so. If you don’t have a washing machine, use Hot water. Rinse the sheet for 15 minutes in hot water.
  3. You can now add the washing powder to wash the bed sheet. You can use any regular sheet. Do the first wash cycle and drain the water.
  4. Now, add more water along with the cloth sanitizer. You’ll find them in pharmaceuticals from brands like Dettol and Savlon. Wash the bed sheets with sanitizer.
  5. After that, put the bedsheets in the dryer. Let the dryer run for 15-20 minutes. This process will kill any remaining virus on the bedsheets. Make sure that the dryer runs at the highest temperature.

After following all these steps, you have sanitized the sheets. The same procedure is applicable for normal patients. Be it the fever patients or other health concern patients. This procedure works best for disinfecting the sheets.

Where can you Buy Bedsheets Online?

Many people prefer to throw bedsheets out after using it. Disposable sheets are great for such people. But what if you want to buy bedsheets online? Is that a possible lockdown phase? Or using disposable sheets is the only option? Well, you can still buy bedsheets online from multiple marketplaces. The only issue is delivery personnel. There are some issues which are causing delays in deliveries. So, make sure you wait to buy bedsheets online.

Disinfecting the Bedsheets | Our Thoughts

Sterilizing or disinfecting the sheets should have the utmost importance. Using cotton bedsheets is comfortable for patients. But using disposable bed sheets is economical and convenient. If you are in the hospital, then you need the disposable sheet. But for the self-quarantined individuals, the available options are good enough. That’s why washing and disinfecting the sheets is advisable.

Taking proper hygiene care is highly advised by the authorities. So, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, taking hygiene to the next level is essential. I hope you’ve learned how to sterilize the bedsheets of the patient. Even if the person is not the patient, taking care of the same is highly critical.

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