How to Determine the Value of Beanie Babies

Have you heard the stories of Beanie Babies selling for tens of thousands of dollars? Wondering if you have the next Valentino the Bear on your hands? Beanie Babies have gone through waves of incredible popularity over the years, and some have made collectors lots of money.

If you’re wondering whether you have Beanie Babies worth money, there are a few things to consider before you start an eBay account. Keep reading to learn how to determine the value of Beanie Babies.

How to Determine the Value of Beanie Babies

Over time, the price of certain Beanies has varied immensely. You may have a Beanie Baby that was once worth thousands but today would go for $5. But before you start selling your Beanie Baby to the highest bidder, make sure you authenticate your beanie baby.

Authentication will help both you and your prospective buyers. An authentic Beanie Baby in a certain condition will go for much more than something assumed to be a valuable Beanie Baby.


When you know you have the genuine article, you next need to consider what condition your Beanie Baby is in. Has it been loved for many years? Does it look like it was just unwrapped on Christmas Day, tags and all? You’ll be able to make more from a Beanie Baby in mint or near mint condition than you will one that has been well-loved and now put aside.


Perhaps even more important than the condition of your Beanie Baby is the demand. Valuable Beanie Babies bring in so much money because they are, even temporarily, considered a rarity.

However, sometimes it can also be those most sought after, rare or not, that sell for the highest price. If there is a demand, it will drive up the price and you be able to sell your Beanie Baby for much more than before.

Be Patient and Prudent

Your Beanie Baby may not be worth much right now. You might have a Beanie Baby that was worth a lot and now is on a downward swing, but don’t lose heart.

Beanie Babies fluctuate a lot in their price, and sometimes you have to wait for the market to change before putting your baby up for auction. If you’re fine waiting it out, be sure to take good care of your Beanie Baby in the meantime and keep it in excellent condition so you’re ready for when it will be worth more.

Next Best Beanie Baby

We hope that now that you know how to determine the value of Beanie Babies, you can evaluate your collection with confidence. You might have a Beanie Baby not worth much today, but will be worth a ton later on.

Or you may have one that could still fetch a lot in today’s market. Either way, things change fast and often, so keep an eye on what’s selling and how much to best gauge the future of your Beanie Baby sales.

Resting your future on the sale of a rare Beanie Baby isn’t a good idea. If you are willing to be patient and keep your Beanie Babies in good condition, you may have some luck in the future. Don’t rush demand and if you are looking for more helpful tips, keep reading the rest of this section.

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