How to Design a Dreamy Vintage Bedroom

Today, everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by overwhelming flashy lights, unwelcoming environments and harsh colors that only stress us out. So, naturally, you want your bedroom to be an escape from all the strains of a modern world, and vintage interior style will provide you with just that. Additionally, it’s quite easy and inexpensive to create. With all that in mind, here’s how you can design your own private vintage retreat right in your bedroom.

Paint it white

If you want to achieve an airy and fresh vintage vibe in your bedroom, the best way to do it is with white color. Opt for chalky white and don’t bother being moderate. Paint your walls, ceilings, and even floors. White provides a perfect canvas for a vintage design that you can make more interesting with accent pieces, patterns, art and vintage furniture.

Don’t be scared of patterns

There are no explicit rules when it comes to vintage design, but floral patterns and nature imagery seem to always be present in vintage spaces. So, find some throw pillows with floral prints, or introduce flowers into your bedroom with curtains. However, try to stick to soft, washed-out, pastel colors instead of dark and bold ones.

Visit an antique store

Take a walk to your local antique store and see if anything catches your eye. Additionally, feel free to think outside the box. That cute vintage coffee table can serve as a perfectly good nightstand and that weathered desk as a vintage dressing table. If antique stores are a little out of your budget, flea markets and thrift stores also have a lot of vintage items for half the price. If you’re handy, you can even try a little DIY project!

Use fabrics with a vintage feel

Vintage linen can greatly improve your bedroom’s vintage look. Old linens with intricate hand-made embroidery and romantic patterns will soften even the sharpest of lines and add to the feminine touch. Vintage linen in mint condition is not very easy to find, but if you make some extra effort, it will increase your bedroom’s authentic vibe.

Bring in the art

Thrift stores are usually full of old photographs and paintings, so get a few, and turn your bedroom into a vintage gallery. If you manage to find an art piece with an original ornate, gilded frame, you’ve struck gold. Another great idea is to go through old newspaper and frame pages or articles with significant events from olden times. This is a very easy way to add some vintage vibe to your bedroom.

Don’t forget about floors and ceilings

Sometimes all you need to turn your bedroom into a vintage haven is right under your feet or above your head. A vintage rug will tie your room together and add softness and warmth to your bedroom.

It’s also a great way to add a pop of color, just make sure it looks faded and distressed. When it comes to your ceilings, there’s nothing more vintage (and practical) than a ceiling fan. They are perfect for warmer climates, like Australia, where you need proper ventilation almost all year round. So, find a vintage-looking model, call a reliable Sydney electrician and give your ceiling a vintage makeover.

Make it comfy

All vintage bedrooms have one thing in common – the coziness and comfort they provide. So, if you must, sacrifice some of the aesthetics for extra coziness. Concentrate on your bed and adorn it with soft feather pillows and airy comforters for pleasant dreams.

Once you finish your design and decoration, treat yourself to a warm cup of tea in bed, and you’ll never want to leave your bedroom ever again.

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