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Is it time to spruce your kid’s bedroom design and decor? Decorating a child’s room is no small task especially when you take into consideration that your child’s design taste is likely much different from yours. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but designing a personalized space for your child, whether you love their outlandish taste or not, will make the room a place your child wants to be. At the end of the day, we all want our children to be safe at home within a space they are proud to call their own. Below we take a look at a few ways you can decorate your kid’s room in a way you’ll both love.

Cool Lighting

Another fun way to decorate your child’s room in a way they will love is with funky lighting. You could easily add a snazzy light fixture or lamp; allowing your child to help choose the new light feature will allow them to personalize their space in a way that best reflects their unique personality. If a new light fixture or lamp is underwhelming, you could also add strand or neon rope lights for an extra pop of excitement. Neon rope lights, for example, are easy to hang, affordable, and come in a variety of colors. 

Accent Wall

Nothing adds a pop of personality to a bedroom like a feature wall. Creating an aesthetic that your eye is drawn to on one wall, typically the wall you first see on entry to the room, adds dimension and whimsy to any bedroom. There are so many ways to curate and achieve an impressive accent wall. You could hang wallpaper, paint in a pop of color, add a chalk wall, or even add textural elements like pallet boards or rope. We love the look of an accent wall behind a bed. It creates a great backdrop for bedroom furniture, while the furniture offsets and tones down the busyness of the accent wall.

Fun Wall Art

There’s no simpler or more fun way to spruce up a child’s bedroom than with fun pops of color and artwork that represent their individuality. The good news about wall art is that even if it’s not your taste, it’s not permanent. The fluidity of a child’s ever-changing style and emerging self-discovery make fun wall art a great way for them to express themselves in a non-permanent way. Our friends at Big Wall Art have some super fun and colorful prints that would bring life to any child’s space. We particularly love their outer space line which brings otherworldly images of astronaut art to life in vibrant, neon colors. Artwork like this, depicting images that your child will appreciate and that is crafted with eccentric colors and themes, are sure to turn your child’s room into a space they love.


Adding an offbeat chair or couch (space-providing) to a child’s bedroom gives them a cool place to lounge apart from their bed. A quirky accent chair will invite your child to hang out and read, play games, or even do homework. Furthermore, additional seating will give your child a place to comfortably entertain friends when they have company. Some great ideas for funky seating include a ceiling-mounted swing, an oversized bean bag, or even a plush lounge chair. Seating is another way to add a pop of color or dimension to your child’s room. We’re sure that a fun seating element is a room decoration your child will certainly love.

There is a myriad of simple and quirky ways you can decorate your child’s room in a way that is not only reflective of their unique personality, but also a way they will adore. Surely your child will be singing the praises of your cool decorating aesthetic when you add one of these cool design elements. Whether you add funky wall art, fanciful lighting, accent seating, or a playful feature wall, you and your child are sure to love their newly decorated room.

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