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How to Create the Most Relaxing Spa Bathroom

There is nothing better than taking a couple of days off and visiting a spa. However, spa treatments tend to be somewhat expensive and most people tend to stay at home when it gets rather cold outside. Gloomy weather can quickly sap all your energy and having a spa-like treatment at home can be a real life-saver. Let’s go over the different ways you can turn your boring old bathroom into a proper spa-like experience.


  • Change the lighting fixtures


Creating a spa-like setting would not be possible without the appropriate visual appeal. The simplest solution for having several different lighting options, as well as adding a bit of a romantic touch to this whole story is to install wall sconces or recessed ceiling lights and add a light dimmer. They help regulate the amount of light in the bathroom but also soften the lighting in order to help you enjoy a proper spa-like soak in your bathtub. Additionally, if your bathroom window is too large or is otherwise letting in too much light, you can always buy cheap paper light diffusers and tape them to the window.  


  • Get or make a bathtub caddy


You’d be surprised by the number of people who tend to leave their books and wine glasses on the edge of the bath and either knock them over. This is where bathtub caddies come into play. Bathtub caddies or bathtub trays lay across the width of your bathtub and allow you to place books, drinks, gadgets, and magazines close to you without having to worry about accidentally knocking them into the bath. By using a bathtub caddy, you can set up all your necessities before you even start filling your bath and don’t have to worry about forgetting something and having to interrupt your relaxing bath.


  • Play some relaxing music


A spa-like treatment cannot be complete without some relaxing music. But most of us simply don’t have speakers inside our bathrooms and installing them can be rather costly. Granted, you can move your speaker setup inside the bathroom as long as it doesn’t use up too much space, but you have to be careful with all the wires, which can be a serious tripping hazard. Instead, get a cheap Bluetooth speaker or spend a couple of more bucks and get a waterproof speaker. When it comes to the type of music, songs that are around 90 MPB or slower and that have a 4/4 beat have proven to be most effective when it comes to relaxation.


  • Install a towel warmer


Wrapping up an enjoying hot bath or a hot shower with a cold towel is far from enjoyable, particularly during the winter months. Warm towels, on the other hand, allow you to retain the heat long after you’ve finished your bath. Not only are they used in almost every spa center you can imagine, but warm towels are slowly but surely becoming a rather popular addition to bathroom remodels. Towel warmers can quickly be installed in almost every bathroom and besides warming cold towels, they can also be used to dry out the wet ones.  


  • Fill your bathroom with beautiful smell


No rejuvenation effort would be complete without aromatherapy. Scents are excellent for boosting both our health and our mood and you can use various essential oils and soaps to improve your state of mind. For example, one of the best ways to wake up early in the morning is to use a peppermint-scented soap, while jasmine and lavender baths and lotions are used for sleep-related issues. Alternatively, you can use DIY bath bombs and salts, just be careful not to use any materials that could clog up the drain. If it does happen, make sure you contact the best professionals for handling blocked drains Sydney has to offer.

These are just some of the easiest and cheapest ideas you can use to add a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and enjoy your much-needed soak. A spa-inspired bathroom sanctuary is far more than just a tub, toilet and a sink. It’s a place you can get away from your daily worries and have a relaxing bath without actually having to spend a lot of money on expensive spa treatments.

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