How to create organic remedies for fleas?

Fleas might be a nightmare for many pet owners and homeowners. Fleas suck their pets’ blood, their own blood and cause irritation for all members of their family. “Nothing can stop fleas without using strong chemicals” _ a lot of people think that. Nonetheless, chemicals may bring you the satisfied results in a short time, but they might also bring some side effects to your health. Not all people are ready to expose themselves to toxic products, and non-toxic remedies tend to be preferred in all cases. Give organic methods a shot and you will be astounded.

For your pets

It is a must for anyone who is dealing with fleas to know that giving your pets a bath is an indispensable step. However, only bathing with pure water can’t bring results like you want. Make your own herbal bathing water, such as peppermint or rosemary.

Take some fresh rosemary leaves, wash and boil them. After the water boils, turn off the gas and leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes. Then, take out the leaves and let your water cool down. Give your pets a thorough bath with that rosemary water. Start from your pets’ head because fleas can jump up to their head during bathing. When completing bathing, don’t rinse off, just let the sunlight dry.

Generally, no matter how carefully you bathe your pets, some stubborn adult fleas still can stick to them. That is the reason why you should take next step, combing pets.

A flea comb that is designed specifically for fleas can be easily chosen in the market. Prepare some light drops of lemon and apply to the pets’ collar area to keep fleas away. Besides, it is believed that garlic in a daily meal also contributes to the decrease of flea-infested risks. Therefore, add a small amount of garlic to your pets’ meal, and see outcomes yourself.

For your home

Cleanliness is next to flea-free, as a result, try your best to remain your house in a good hygiene. Cleaning and vacuuming your home all over, ranging from curtains, carpets, furniture and so on.

Cleaning and vacuuming is not enough? Next, sprinkle a little bit salt onto carpets. Carpets always are ideal shields for fleas to escape from our notice; therefore, attach great importance to them. Salt can dehydrate flea eggs and kill them. Leave salt to rest up to 2 days because it might soak your carpets if you ignore them too long. Baking soda can be used instead of salt. Then, you can’t skip cleaning and vacuuming, which help to eliminate dead fleas and re-protect your house.

Is that all? Not enough. Another step for the comprehensive protection is applying organic spray. Rosemary or peppermint is the most common effective remedies for fleas. To make the spray, do the same as to make bathing water. After you have got rosemary water and let it cool down, just pour it into a spray bottle. Fleas find these plants’ odour offensive, therefore, spray all over your house to maintain it fragrant and keep fleas off. In addition, why don’t you consider growing these beneficial plants around your beautiful garden or in front of your doors? Absolutely, no fleas are willing to jump into your house and suck your blood.


What do you think about these organic remedies for fleas? All are organized and applied; how about you? Non-toxic remedies should stand first in your priority list as they are very cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. 

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