How to Create a Stunning Home Office

Whether you want to set up headquarters for your new business or just a place where you can continue your work after arriving back home from the office, you need to create a space that will boost your productivity. We all thrive in elegant spaces or clean and simple areas, but we need to organize our workspace in accordance with our personality if we want to do any work. Sometimes the smallest details can have a huge positive effect on our work habits, and our routine can be affected if our working area isn’t well organized.


Find the location

This aspect depends on the free space in your home – if you have enough space, you can use an entire room and not worry about organizing everything. If you, however, don’t have the luxury of spreading your office supplies across a spare room, you’ll need to settle for a corner in one of the other rooms. Whichever option you choose, just pay close attention to the traffic flow in that particular part of the house to prevent your family from bothering you all the time.


Find a theme

Who says you can’t have a themed office and enjoy furnishing it? This can be a great way to help you get over the lack of interest and actually have some fun in a space that has “you” written all over it. From modern, through vintage to industrial, Scandinavian or any other interior style you can think of is quite all right. This is the starting point because you’ll base everything else on the style of your choice. However, don’t let this fool you – you’ll still be able to add everything you need, you just have to adapt it to a certain style.


Create the perfect layout

There’s no rule saying you need to furnish your office with stereotypical furniture and replicate a typical workspace from the movies. Find some great home office furniture that will allow you to make your working area more functional and utilize every inch you can. Use techniques like mismatching furniture and playing with different colors to create a space that’s interesting, intriguing, yet still inspirational and professional. This will show your personal touch to potential clients and customers who come to your office.


Add some greenery

You don’t have to be a florist to love plants – just go to a local store and have someone help you pick out a simple and elegant plant that’s easy to maintain. There are some plants that aren’t demanding at all but can have a really great effect on the room design. Don’t buy artificial flowers because these will downsize the upscale look you want to accomplish. Having plants in your office also significantly improves the air quality: this is something you won’t be aware of immediately, but all the experts recommend adding greenery to our working space.


Use things no one expects

If you have a plain table, you can easily transform it into a trendy piece by simply adding a mirror to its sides. That way, you can achieve an illusion of a much bigger space and create an interesting focal point. Use different types of colorful baskets and place them on your shelves to create more storage space. Old cans can easily be transformed into pencil holders by just adding some colorful raffia to them.


Let there be light

With the new trend of using Edison light bulbs, you need to figure out a way to implement these into your home. Because you’ll need more light in your study than in the rest of the house, there are several options you can explore. One way is to center your lights above your desk and create an illuminating focal point, or you can spread different types of lights around the room. Both ways will provide enough light so you don’t have to worry about working in the dark ever again.


The main thing you need to keep in mind is that you always have to be inspired, so hanging inspirational quotes, your family pictures or an interview you’ve given to your local newspaper is always a great idea. A bulletin board doesn’t have to be reserved for your to-do list only – your family members could use it for leaving you a note or two every now and then. We all need to work, but we also need to enjoy what we do so that we can do our jobs properly.

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