How To Create A Luxurious Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard

When the summer comes, all you want is to get outdoors and soak the warm Australian sun – preferably by the beach or a pool. But sometimes these wishes require intensive logistics, and if you get there on a Thursday afternoon, you’ll still have to go back and get ready for work the following morning. But what about your own backyard? Even if it’s small, you can still make an amazing outdoor oasis of it. There are so many design elements that create luxurious outdoor escape when combined together. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that space of relaxation right at your doorstep.


Invest in a Comfortable Outdoor Seating

The most obvious thing you need in an outdoor seating area is the outdoor seating. But forget about ugly and sturdy plastic chairs! You need a comfortable spot where you can sit back and relax, so think about hammocks, recliners, or a porch swing. Even an old indoor chair can be transformed into a perfect accessory for your outdoor retreat. There are fabrics that are designed to be used outdoors, even though they mimic the indoors one, so consider reupholstering a chair or some pillows for comfier seats in the sunshine.


Add Lights

Even though days are long in the summer, you don’t want the fun to end when it gets dark. Add lovely lights to your outdoor area and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere even for the late hours. But think about your options carefully, as neon bright lights can add light that is not that relaxing… and actually quite the opposite. What you want is warm light all around the area, without being blinding. For example, this can be achieved with candles, solar landscape lighting, floating pool globes or even overhead chandeliers that will dangle from pergolas or gazebos. The area will be lit in almost a romantic way if you use numerous lighting sources in your backyard.


Add a Water Feature

Maybe the element that will easily recreate the luxurious feel you want to achieve is a water feature. It can be anything from a swimming pool and water fountain to a stream. The sight and sound of water can leave you relaxed and feeling zen, so think about how much space and money you have for achieving this ultimate backyard experience. Of course, having a backyard swimming pool is a dream that more and more Australians are turning into a reality, so if you can afford that, start planning now. Pools come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be as creative as you’d like, and you can even create a customized pool. Consider the right location for your pool (on the east-west axis), and let the pool builders from Brisbane turn your plans and wishes into reality.


Create a Shade

No matter how well-put your indoor area is, if you get a sunburn while relaxing in it, it will spoil the whole experience at least for several days. Prevent this by creating shady spots where you will be able to enjoy the oasis without nasty consequences. You can do it with a cool pergola, that will cool off your outdoor space but let the sunshine through. On the other hand, you can achieve some shade with trees, or, if you feel extra creative, add some umbrellas – it will also add a cool design element that’s also Insta-worthy, and a nice splash of colour.


Fire Things Up

You know how inviting and warm a fire pit can look in the living room, especially in the winter months. But have you known that it is also a great addition to your outdoor space? When the nights get chillier in the late summer, it will be a great space to enjoy cool evenings. You can buy a fire pit at a hardware store, or build your own DIY fire pit if you’re feeling crafty. If you enjoy entertaining or just dining al fresco with your family, think about adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor oasis. The kitchen isn’t exactly the place of relaxation, but tasting your delicious dishes made outside with your favourite people will be the ultimate moment of zen.


Once you’ve decided on all the features you want to add to create your amazing outdoor space for relaxation, start building and DIYing. In no time you will have a place that resembles a luxurious resort just for yourself – with no added costs, and for years to come!

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