While everybody loves shopping for new clothes that makes them feel confident and fashion-forward, weekly clothes shopping trips aren’t always in the budget. We’ve got six tips and tricks that will help you keep your wardrobe trendy while saving a buck. And when it is time for a well-deserved trip to the mall, you can choose items that will mix and match with the rest of your closet for looks that can be worn for an entire season or more.

  1. Consider What You’ve Got Already

First thing’s first! Organize your closet so you can see the items you’ll actually want to wear. Put away clothes that you just aren’t feeling, aren’t right for the upcoming weather, or that you don’t quite fit into right now. And, if you have clothes that have been boxed up from last year, go through them and see what you’ve got. You may find pieces you once loved that can be brought out again. Dig to the bottom of your dresser drawers and see what’s gotten buried and unworn for months. This is also the perfect opportunity to do a clean-out!

  1. Think About Essential Items That Go With Everything

Every wardrobe should have some core, essential items that can be mixed and matched with tons of options. For example, blue or black jeans are a solid choice that will go with any top and lots of shoes. Neutral colored tank tops can be layered under blouses, cardigans, and jackets. Cute sneakers can take you to the park, to the mall, out for errands, and hanging with friends. Cardigans can be worn a couple times a week with entirely new outfits beneath. You can wait for sales on the essentials to save money, or check store clearance racks. 

  1. Swap Clothes with Friends and Family

If you’ve got trendy friends and sisters, then swapping clothes is a free and easy way to diversify your stock! Go through your closet beforehand and set aside things you are willing to part with. Then mix up some cocktails and invite the ladies over to gab and do a clothing grab. If you know they’ve got styles you like, then it’s a win-win situation.

girl on long sleeved crop shirt shorts and boots

  1. Layer Your Looks

Layering your outfits is especially easy in the seasons of fall to spring. For most of us, the weather is cool and allows for the addition of sweaters, cardigans, jackets and outerwear, skirts and trendy dresses over leggings, and cute boots and shoes. These types of outer layers can be mixed and matched with all sorts of tops and bottoms. Think outside the box, too. Try wearing a sweater over a dress to turn it into a trendy skirt. Tuck a romper into a skirt and you’ve got a new top. Get extra life out of your short-shorts by adding some tall cowgirl boots

  1. Diversify Your Pieces and Make Them Multipurpose

We’ve all done it. We’ve bought a brand new dress with a fancy design and labeled it as a piece that should only be worn for extra special occasions. Or, we’ve got a pair of jeans that’d we’d never think to wear fancy heels with to the club. Break out of those boundaries and flip flop your accessories to make those items better fit the part. Go ahead and wear casual sneakers with that dress. Or, wear your best jewelry with your jeans and heels for some extra dazzle. 

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  1. Shop Savvy for New Clothes

When it’s time for new clothes, don’t deny yourself a few items to boost your confidence level and make you feel great in your own skin. We all deserve a little pampering every now and then! However, if you’re still on a budget, consider shopping at discount outlets and thrift stores. You can find great deals on trendy items that were bought when overstocked at discount stores or lightly used name brand clothing in consignment shops. Signing up for clothing companies’ email lists will also give you a heads up about their latest promotions and sales. Like and follow companies’ social media pages too, as they sometimes have exclusive promos for their followers.

Keeping your closet trendy for every season doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Take advantage of items you already have and use your eye to mix and match for new looks. And don’t forget to get on the wagon with digital sale alerts through email lists and social media. Plus, there’s many times throughout the year that clothing companies will also run sales, like Black Friday, after the holidays, back to school, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and more!


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