How to Clean Your Home the Green Way

Keeping your home clean helps to keep your family happy and healthy. It feels delightful to come home to a house that is neat and tidy. The sense of order helps you to function better, and you may find that ordering your home helps order your life. Although it is important to keep your home clean, you don’t want to use toxic cleaning products to accomplish the task. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly methods to accomplish all your home cleaning jobs. Follow this guide to clean your home the green way.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

The first thing you need to do make your cleaning eco-friendly is to remove all the toxic cleaning products from your home. Most houses have a ton of toxic chemicals under their kitchen sinks. Get rid of them by disposing of them safely at a designated hazardous materials collection station in your area.

In place of your former toxic cleaning chemicals, you can find eco-friendly, natural alternatives for all your cleaning needs. Simple products like baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar can be used for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

One of the best natural cleaning solutions is lavender antibacterial spray, which is incredibly simple to make. All you need to do is to add 20 drops of pure oil of lavender into a cup of water. Put the solution into a spray bottle, and you will have an antibacterial spray that will leave your home smelling wonderful when you use it.

Avoid Wasting Water

One of the most common ways that people ruin their eco-conscious cleaning efforts is by wasting water when they clean. You need to look for ways to conserve water whenever possible when you clean. For example, you should sweep as often as possible instead of mopping. When you do mop, make sure that you avoid spilling water as you move the mop bucket around.

A great way to keep your need to mop down is to have mud mats at all of your exterior doors. Make sure that everyone who comes into your house wipes their feet off thoroughly before they come inside. Even better, you can have everyone take their shoes off to prevent outside dirt from being tracked in at all.

Air out Your Home

Even after you start using all-natural cleaning products, your home will still have toxins that need to be removed periodically. The sad truth is that the very building products that are used to construct the average home release toxic chemicals into the interior of the house. You need to make sure that you air out your house as often as possible to limit the impact on your health of being exposed to these chemicals. Not only will the fresh air help make your home cleaner, but the added ventilation will help to reduce your cooling costs during warm weather. This has the added benefit of shrinking your carbon footprint.

Add Plants to Your House

One of the easiest ways to clean your home is to add plants to it. This is literally cleaning your home the green way. Plants are wonderful at removing toxins from the air, which means that you can make the air healthier in your home simply by adding some plants in each room.

Cleaning your home the green way is not difficult. In fact, you will find in most cases that it is a lot easier to clean with eco-friendly products. The benefits to the health of your family when you clean the environmentally-friendly way are tremendous. Follow these tips to start cleaning your home the eco-conscious way today.

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