How to choose the right stream from various B.Tech courses?

Engineering is one of the most popular disciplines in India, pursued by over a million students every year. Engineers are considered to be all-rounders and somewhere, B Tech has become the new basic requirement for freshers to get hired by top recruiters in the country. But given that there are several streams and B Tech courses, which one are you going to choose? Whether you will pursue computer science or chemical engineering in India – the decision you take is going to decide your career path for the years to come. Hence, you need to think and choose the right stream for yourself.

Following the trends

There are a few trends that you need to watch out for. For example, computer science engineering is in trend and will still be in the boom because of the emergence of artificial intelligence as well as machine learning which is allowing the technology to transform the industries as we know them. Hence, there is plenty to explore and do in the domain. Similarly, there are streams like Mechanical engineering which might be among the oldest but are not readily taken up by individuals at the moment. Following the trend might prove to be beneficial in the short run and award you with good financial compensations.

Going for your passion

Another path to choose is that of the passion or your own likes. If you have a passion for design and civil engineering, that is the stream you should go for. If chemicals fascinate you, there should be no trouble in selecting to pursue chemical engineering in India as the next step. Going for the passion that you have has one good advantage – you will always find that fire to continue even if the path seems tough in the future. If you are not passionate enough for the stream or course that you take up, you might just end up changing streams and wasting your invested time on the course!

Checking the scope

Another important aspect to consider before choosing from the available B.Tech courses is to check the scope of the discipline you are about to take up. If a discipline like environmental engineering is not as highly rewarding in the next decade as computer science engineering, you can choose to go for the former. You should know about the scope, the competition, and the future importance of the course you are going to take up.

The unique approach

Or, you could just go against the flow and opt for the least favoured or opted branch in engineering. If computer science or chemical engineering in India is amongst the top branches, you can go for something like biotechnology – where the competition will be less and you could easily make a name for yourself and rise up the ranks.


Remember, the course you are going to choose is going to determine your success in the future and will help you rise in the coming years. Think before you take the plunge with your engineering course.

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