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How to Choose the Right Shoe Colour to Match Outfit

The list is endless when it comes to dresses; evening wear, summer wear, festive wear, everyday wear, and so on. But there is also the same long line concerning shoe options such as the ones that Wittner shoes and other online shops offer. With this, women often find themselves wondering and are unsure which footwear to wear to get the perfect combination of shoes and dress.

The following are colour combinations to consider:


Did you know that nude shoes can create the illusion of elongated legs? It may not be true in the literal sense, but make-believes and illusions are all part of fashion. Add a few pairs of nudes to your shoe cabinet if you do not have them yet. You can check out several online shops like Wittner shoes and other sites for the best selections of nude-coloured shoes. If your dress is stylishly luxurious or heavily embellished, nude shoes are great partners to create a balance to your overall attire.


Black shoes are powerful enough to go well with almost anything. For this reason, make sure to invest in a few pairs of black wedge pumps, stilettos, boots, sandals, sneakers, etc. These black pieces of footwear will be your saviour, particularly on a difficult-to-choose-a-combination day.

Colour Blocking

The colour blocking technique will work best for you, especially if you like to match your accessories. It is a risky move because it requires a keen eye for details. But, if you get it right, you will come out classy and stylish. The key is to pick your attire and go contrast for the accessories you are wearing. In the game of colour blocking, wear your shoes with attitude.


The rules if fashion is constantly changing. It is no longer considered to be super cool to match every detail of your outfit. Therefore, keep in mind that you may not look uber cool when you match your dress and shoes unless it is black. However, you may choose to go matching, but make sure not to overdo it because it is a risky trend. Also, know that complementing colours prevail.


A fashion statement using animal prints can elevate your overall look immediately. Try wearing an LBD or skinny jeans and a black top, and a pair of printed footwear. What you will get from these styles is an impeccable combination. Remember, not to overdo your attire when wearing prints. So, if you are wearing printed pumps, everything else should be subdued and muted.

Some dos and don’ts to remember when matching your shoes to your dresses by colour:

  • Blacks, browns, blues, and greys will help create a professional look.
  • Wear black shoes with your multicoloured dresses, or white shoes if the colours on your dress are bright.
  • Take seasons into account when wearing shoes.
  • Wear light sandals with light coloured dresses and dark sandals for dark dresses.
  • The colour contrast between the dress and the shoes will look great only if the colour of your shoes matches those of the accessories.
  • Sparkling dresses go well with flesh-coloured shoes.
  • Avoid matching from head to toe.
  • Do not wear suede or red shoes with your formals.
  • Do not wear your flats and white during monsoon.
  • Avoid wearing sparkly shoes to match your sparkly outfits.
  • Do not choose style over comfort.

The footwear you wear, as with any part of your outfit, can be a deal-breaker. A successful look can be created with the right balance of comfort and style.

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