If you are recently experiencing tough to read the small letters in a book or watching TV gives you a headache. You should consider visiting an optometrist to check your vision and to find out whether you need glasses.

If you had never worn eyeglasses before or went to an eye-specialist for vision test then selecting the right one can be a bit tricky than you think. There is a difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist. An optometrist can give you the right prescription, but an ophthalmologist does not do this. On the contrary, an ophthalmologist is entitled to perform the corrective form of eye surgeries as required.

How To Find The Best Eye Doctors? 

There are various ways to choose the right eye doctor for getting an appointment. You can search online and book an appointment, ask your friends and family members or co-workers or go for an eye test centre physically to book an appointment.

Did You Find The Right Optometrist? 

Do you have to wait for a long time to book an appointment? Even before meeting the doctor you can get a feeling of how the eye-testing services its customers. If you have to wait for a long time to book an appointment it’s not a very good sign of a good eye-test centre.

Did you feel the examination was done properly? Did the optometrist rush about the eye test and was looking to get it done rather quickly. Each one of you have different eye problems, so depending on whether you have simple cataract, or low vision problems, or any other type of eye infection, it is the optometrist who suggests you the right set of recovering technique.

Here’s What To Expect During An Appointment With An Eye Doctor 

You should ideally go to the optometrist for an eye test once a year at least to make sure that your eye health is okay and it is not worsening or other problems are starting to crop up. Eye tests can also determine whether you have a high level of cholesterol or if you are suffering from diabetes. Generally if there are any surgery cases, then the optometrist takes time, and insulin dose is either increased or decreased for the patient.

How To Choose A Doctor? 

An optometrist is a doctor who is involved with eye-testing and determining whether your eyesight is okay or you need glasses. If you are having issues like cataracts, glaucoma or diabetes then you should consult an ophthalmologist. What to carry for the appointment?

  • Carry your glasses or contact lenses if you are already using them.
  • List of other eye drops or medicines you are using currently
  • Previous eye test prescriptions
  • List of other medicines if you have diabetes or headache
  • It is also important to bring your medical insurance. Most policies don’t cover the normal daycare procedures and tests but if you have serious conditions like glaucoma you might get coverage.

Things To Discuss During The Visit 

When it is your turn to go the doctor make sure to discuss important parameters that you want to discuss like having an eye test. If you had been suffering from headaches and blurred vision lately discuss it with your doctor.

Make sure to clarify if you have a family history of suffering from eye diseases. The doctor may now go for a vision test where you will read out the letters and numbers as they appear on the screen.

Make sure that you identify and clear all your doubts and health issues if you have some. If you are going to the optometrist for the first time make sure that the test is conducted in the right way.

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