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How to Choose the Best Clothes for Your Toddlers - Likeitgirl

Being a mother means having a lot of duties and obligations concerning your little ones. One of them is making sure they are always well dressed. When girls are young, they usually like playing dress-up games with their dolls. When they become moms, they can do it with their children. Choosing clothes for your little ones is so lovely, especially if they delight in trying on different pieces, acting like little models. However, sometimes it can be challenging. There are items that are more appropriate for them, just like there are pieces that might not be the best option. To learn how to choose the best clothes for your toddlers, just keep reading to get some basic ideas. 

Choose quality fabrics 

There are a number of fabrics suitable for babies and very small children. Whenever you go for cotton (and you should know there are around 90 types of it), you can’t make a mistake. It’s a remarkable fabric that your kid will feel comfortable in. Other good options include voile (a gauze-like fabric), lightweight broadcloth, soft handkerchief linen, muslin (from very thin to coarse), fleece (used as an alternative to wool), durable bamboo rayon, etc. You can find all these fabrics basically anywhere. You should also know that a kids’ clothes sale is always convenient for finding something great, and it also lets you choose from many different incredible fabrics. 

Weather-appropriate clothes, always 

While thin and light-colored clothes are suggested for sunny days, a lot of layers and dark, warm colors are reserved for cloudy ones. During spring and summer, children play a lot outdoors, so you should give them something comfy to wear. During winter, the most important thing is to keep them warm, so even if they feel like wearing something light, you should let them know why that isn’t a good idea.


They should find it comfortable

Sometimes you find a garment super cute, but just because it looks adorable, it doesn’t mean it is comfortable. It’s more important that they feel good in it, rather than the fact you find it really cute-looking. In addition, always pay attention to the size your kid needs. Don’t buy things that are too small or big for your child. Since young children grow very quickly, keep in mind that you’ll have to replace their clothes on a regular basis. 

Plan outfits ahead

It’s going to be much easier for you if you just plan every outfit ahead. This way, a lot of power struggles and battles with your child can be avoided. Select the clothes at least a day before, but if you want to plan outfits for the kindergarten, you can do it a week ahead. For example, Sunday can be the day when you make clothing plans for the following week, from Monday to Friday. 

Let your kids decide, not you

It’s very important that you let your child decide what to wear together with you. You can offer them several choices of outfits if you think it’s better than letting them choose from everything they have. It’s going to be faster that way, and in a way, you are the one who actually decides, but they think they do. They need to be involved in choosing their outfits in order to feel good and like their opinion matters and is appreciated.

It’s not so difficult to choose the best clothes for your little bundle of joy. Just be sure you use the right fabrics and size and never give them anything not appropriate for a certain weather type. It is also much easier if you plan ahead. If you want them to feel appreciated and to show them you value their opinions and choices, let them decide what to wear, but even then it can be with a little bit of your help!

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