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How to Choose Sustainable Ladies Sweaters? - Likeitgirl

How to Choose Sustainable Ladies Sweaters?

I share a complicated relationship with winters because as much as I hate to get out of my cozy blankets, I love to sip coffee, do a power pack workout and shop winter wear. There is no better time than layering all your clothes at once, wrap in oversized coats and flaunt in your high boots. Coats are fabulous but can’t beat knitwear for being hassle-free to put on with jeans or training pants. The winter sweaters for ladies come in vibrant colors and graphics. Some sweaters are so comfortable that you can wear it in repeat mode. Before buying a sweater, here are some tips on how to choose sustainable sweaters and buy sweaters for women online.                                                                                                      

Color: Color is an important aspect of any attire. Sweaters come in an extensive range of options. Choose a shade which complements a lot of bottoms like skirts, flare pants, and denim jeans. A black sweater is a must wardrobe essential for all women. I prefer bright colors more as it makes me look more jubilant and charming. Pastel colors are great for evening cocktails or a romantic date.

Design: There is multitude of designs in winter sweaters for ladies varying from closely knit to criss-cross, floral prints to geometry graphics, fancy frills to casual ones. Choose the one which looks cool on you and fits you well.

Style: Grab a style in which you are most comfortable. Pick among the beloved cardigan sweater, notorious boyfriend v-neck, studded cable sweater and many more. There is a range of styles to buy winter jackets for women as well. Instagram and e-commerce fashion houses have extensive choices with minimal shipping cost.

Size: The sizes in sweaters vary from brand to brand and if you are knitting a sweater, you should look to special guide for knitting which has size specifications. While ordering online, make sure to refer the size chart and go through the description. Order comfortable and a slightly loose size as body-hugging sweaters are troublesome.

Quality: Go for organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and excellent quality wool. Few sweaters tend to lose their shine over few washes, so invest in popular brands. A fine sweater will be quite heavy than expected as it is knitted tightly. The edges will be finished and it will be softer, smoother and slightly spongy. It is worth the time, effort and money to buy such a sweater.

Price: Winter sweaters for ladies are quite expensive as compared to other apparel. There are elite sweaters which are knitted out of pure wool which is harnessed directly from sheep. They are quite expensive but the warmth is enjoyable. Big fashion e-commerce companies offer attractive discounts to customers. You can buy from them during end season sale period. Buying a sweater is like a one-time investment affair which gives you multiplied returns in coming years.

After Maintenance: Sweaters need more maintenance than other clothes. They need to be washed separately in gentle easy washes.  Use lukewarm water to wash them as too hot or cold water can spoil its fibers. Read the tags carefully and if it is for the dry clean purpose only, do not experiment washing it at home.

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