How to Choose Perfect Swimwear for Your Figure


Most women tend to ignore the fact that everybody is shaped differently and think that they need to hit the gym and shape their body so it would fit some universal standards. Wrong. What you need to do is learn how to shop according to your body figure. And this is how:


Girls whose hips, thighs and bottom are slightly larger than their upper half, could be classified as pear-shaped. They key to finding the perfect suit is learning how to create a balance between the two sides of your body. You should focus on drawing attention away form your bottom half and emphasizing your bust and your shoulders. Halter neck bikinis are a great choice as they put attention to your cleavage; bandeau suits are also a good option as well as string bikinis. Try avoiding bikini bottoms with side ties and too much patterns as they draw unwanted attention.



Apple-shaped girls can be recognized by having a large bust and a waist significantly larger than their hips. Contrary to pear-shaped girls, you should try to emphasize your bottom and slightly cover up your bust. Not that you should be ashamed of your big chest, just that you should aim to find a piece that will put it in proportion with the other half of your body. The best thing you could do is avoid string bikinis and opt for something that provides good support. Underwire, double stitched bands and suit straps are your best friends. If you wish to put attention to your bottom, the best you could do is opt for bright and vivid colors, preferably with different embellishments that would surely attract a few looks.


Not many girls are lucky to have an hourglass figure, meaning that everything is exactly where it should be. This proportional figure is quite flattering as almost any swimsuit style will fit you. The trick here is not to overdo it and find something that will compliment all your attributes. Classic bikinis are like made for hourglass figures. What you should also look for in a suit is that it does not distort your body image. So avoid heavy textures and patterns and opt for simple designs that will enhance your attributes.



Sometimes even referred to as a ruler or a banana shape, this name is given to those girls who are quite thin, kind of a boyish figure with no noticeable curves. The only solution here is to create an illusion of a curvaceous figure. This can easily be accomplished by wearing embellished women’s swimwear with ruffles, fringes or different kinds of details. Padding is also a good idea, but you should avoid sporty bottoms or bandeau tops that will just flatten your chest even more.


For all those girls who have a difficult time controlling their curves, it is a good idea to opt for costumes that will provide a bit of subtle coverage but still let you rock your curves like a pro. The best idea is to opt for high-waisted bottoms as not only do they cover your waist, but are actually quite trendy and hip. Also, one-piece suits are a good idea as they slim the torso. Zipper suits are also a huge trend right now and look amazing on curvy girls.

With summer just around the corner, women are slowly starting to circle around and search for that one swimsuit that will mark the following season. But before you condemn yourself and your body image for not looking top notch in a specific suit, you better ask yourself whether that suit is made for you.

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