Curtains give your room elegance and sophistication. They are important decorations that can determine the colour and tone of the room. There are plenty of opportunities to explore, from dark shades to fun prints, from opacity to bright colours.


Here are some tips for choosing curtains for your room:

Privacy should be the most important thing, and indoor curtains help keep privacy.

The colour and pattern of the curtain must match and make the whole room beautiful.

Choosing the right cleaning system is important for long-term curtain care.


Things to consider when choosing interior curtains


Maintains the privacy of your room

It is important to remember that you cannot compromise the privacy of your room. The quality of the selected curtains adds privacy and makes your room bright and welcoming. Choose from pleat curtains, hanging modern curtains, and blackout curtains.


Fabric selection 

Heavy curtain fabrics make it difficult to fix and maintain. On the contrary, if it is too light, it will easily fall off. To test the holding strength of the fabric, hold a cloth sample against the window.


Choosing the colour of the interior curtains.

 Choosing the right colour can create a beautiful look that combines the beauty of your interior with modern curtains. If the walls, ceiling, and interior are warm, choosing curtains in neutral colours is better. If you have a neutral tone in your bedroom and walls, you can do the opposite. 


The optimal length for curtains.

The length of the curtains depends on the size and decoration of the interior windows. There are three types of curtains; These include aprons, paddles and floors. If you open the windows regularly, the length of the apron curtain is adequate. The length of the apron curtain is 84inches, and this type of curtain is ideal for avoiding dust and dirt on the floor. The floor curtains is usually 96inch long, and the curtain rods hang slightly above the window. Using such a curtain, you can make the ceiling look larger. 


 Long poodle curtains are perfect for a room without pets or children. They measure up to 108 inches.


 What is the best fabric for curtains? Choosing the right fabric for your interior curtains is often overwhelming. Here is a guide to the most popular curtain fabrics you can try:



Cotton curtains are considered to be light and strong. It is known to be good for both traditional and modern pieces. It is not as heavy as a velvet curtain, and it is easy to keep. 



Velvet is a thick and heavy fabric. It is for those who want to improve the coverage of the room and add an aura to the room. However, the disadvantages of using these fabrics are that they absorb dust faster than other materials. Therefore, it is necessary to vacuum regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust. Velvet curtains are also expensive and require careful care and maintenance, so consider all components carefully before investing in them.



Silk curtains are beautiful and known to have a romantic effect on the room. In addition, it is known for being durable.  However, counterfeit silk is so cheap that it will likely fade and look unbearable. So, it is better to stick to high standards to improve the quality of your home.



Polyester curtains are resistant to mildew and do not fade faster in sunlight than other fabrics. In addition, it has no wrinkles or stretch marks and is easy on the pocket. Therefore, it is a very popular option for people looking for something great but low maintenance.


When choosing curtains for your bedroom, keep in mind the following tips to help you find and select the perfect curtain for your bedroom. You can also refer to the available online guide for choosing the right type of tent. Curtains Dubai offers tips on using colours, fabrics and finishes to complement your room design and turn it into a little paradise.

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