How to Change An Outboard Motor Water Pump Impeller

Are you looking for one of the best outboard services in the Lake Lanier area? Well, you can have that pretty easily. The company that extensively works in the Lake Lanier area focuses on rigorous training, uses state-of-art outboard maintenanceand offers various routine services and minor to major repairs. Besides such basic services, they also provide repower and warranty repairs. As they use state-of-art technology and software, they can carry out repair services quite precisely. Their technicians are also highly skilled and have proper certifications, thus assuring a top-quality service to each engine. They pay complete attention to every detail of the boat. Apart from quality, they also provide timely service.

 Services that they offer:

Here is the list of the services that they usually offer.

  1. Services for engine and filter: They will change the engine oil and the filter whenever necessary.
  2. Services for fuel filter and water separator: They will also replace the water separator or fuel filter if your boat faces related problems.
  3. Gear oil services: If your lower unit gear oil needs to be replaced, you can contact their service.
  4. Impeller replacement: The impeller is an integral part of boat transportation because it helps move your boat. So, if you notice any issues with this rotor, you should get it replaced as soon as possible.
  5. Spark plug replacement: A spark plug is used for delivering the necessary electric current to the combustion chamber of the boat’s spark-ignition engine from the ignition system. Spark plug replacement is also included in their services.
  6. Recording of engine hours: They can give you a recorded account of how long your engine had worked.
  7. Warranty and checking of service bulletin: You will get a full guarantee on all the repair services, and they will also check and review the service bulletin. You know, the service bulletin may change anytime, depending on the current situation.
  8. Inspection of propeller shaft grease: The propeller shaft grease is a top-quality lubricant used for multiple purposes. It has significant contributions in reducing the effect of extreme friction. The technicians will inspect the condition of the propeller shaft grease and also the seals.
  9. Multi-point inspection: The multi-point inspection includes a review of stirring and trim seals, grease fittings, and transom hardware.

 Types of outboards they offer:

Generally, three types of outboards they offer include:

  1. Mercury outboards: You may hesitate about purchasing a mercury outboard from them as one needs proper registration to sell mercury outboards. But don’t worry, they are an indeed authorized dealer of Mercury Marine full line engine, and they also deal with repower, repair, and restore. And what’s better is that they offer a range of engine services, from simple engine swap outs to some of the most complex services like engine repair, re-fits, and maintenance.
  2. Yamaha outboards: They have staff who are trained and have certifications from Yamaha. Their services will help you to run your engine at best possible potential, years after years. They will carefully make the diagnosis of your engine problems and give you proper solutions for those.
  3. Suzuki outboards: They also offer various services for Suzuki 4-stroke marine engines.

 Services offered based on the motor hours:

Based on the hours of your motor, these following services are offered:

  1. 20-hour service: It is provided every 20 hours or 3 months and includes services like oil replacements, fuel filter replacements, and essential inspections.
  2. 100-hour service: It is offered every 100 hours or 1 year and includes services like inspection or replacement of anodes and thermostats, grease points, in addition to those provided in 20-hour service.
  3. 300-hour service: Offered every 300 hours or 3 years, it includes inspection or replacement of fuel pump and replacement of impeller, in addition to 100-hour services.
  4. 500-hour service: Offered every 500 hours or 5 years, it includes additional services like inspection and adjustment of valve clearance and replacement of oil control valve filter.
  5. 1000-hour service: It consists of all possible services.

Lakeside Marine is a suitable company that will offer all the services mentioned above. So, it’s a wise move to contact them as early as possible.

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