These are a few core activities of every baby for which parents should understand more concern.


A newborn usually feels hunger after 2 to 3 hours; more they cry more they feel desire. Some mother feeds their babies by own, and it is best for babies health and immune system. If you want to go for top feed, consult your pedraition first.From birth till 4-month babies only feed by milk. After four months you can add some semi-solids to their food. Bottle of milk should be properly clean. To feed milk must be slightly warm o;therwise it may cause congestion in new-born.


Check your baby diaper after every 2 to 3 hours. Select diaper with more absorption ability and conditioner for newborn skin.Immediately change a diaper if get wed or solid.If there are some nappy rash found on baby skin use nappy rash cream.After the age of 6 months, you can slowly train your baby for potty.

Baby Bath

Of course baby needs more hygiene then elder. But they don’t need to take a shower daily. Twice of the week is recommended for the baby till four months. Extra care shampoos and sops are easily available in departmental stores.Keep some toys with bathtuba  so your child will be more enjoy their bath time. Dress them to look smart and do some newborn baby photographers in Lahore, you can even hire professionals to do so.


Children playtime affect their health and their learning ability.There are so many cute toys available for your baby like a play mat, musical birds etc. Focus on their mental development and imaginations when buying toys. As the baby can not grip things, toys like play mat increase their muscles strength?  As they grow older like 4 to 6 months, they start observing colours and objects find toys which help in the development of their five senses.

Sleep time

Proper sleep time gives health to your child. Most of the newborn sleep in the day time and awake whole night. It is challenging for new parents to manage their work. Mostly new the only wakeup for feed only.

These are some little quirky things which give your newborn a healthy lifestyle.

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