Silk may be one of the world’s all-time favourite fabrics. It is a perfect material for silk scarves and silk dresses. Wearing silk adds glamour and sexiness to your look, particularly silk nighties. But you may be turned off from buying silk fabric since you are thinking about the challenges in caring and maintaining it. Silk fabric can be maintained by dry-cleaning or hand washing. The following article discusses when to choose either.


Why choose silk nighties?

Do you think that silk nighties are good for you? Yes absolutely. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms and has natural components. The silkworm’s protection is transferred in this hypoallergenic fabric that acts as a repellent to dust mites, mould, and fungi. The amino acids in silk are also known for enhancing skin health and supporting the CNS or central nervous system’s function.


Dry Cleaning silk

When dry-cleaning silk, make sure that the dry cleaner knows that they are handling a precious and delicate fabric. This makes sure that special care is given to your garment. 


When to Dry clean silk?

Silks that have bright and brilliant colours, dark-coloured and patterns are best dry cleaned. Another crucial point is, if the silk has a combination of colours which include light and dark colours scattered in the same fabric. If you hand wash this type of silk, the results can be disastrous. The colours will bleed into each other while washing and destroy the fabric. It is  better to leave it to the dry cleaners. When it comes to silk, think about the result instead of the cost.

A majority of silk fabrics can be hand washed at home, such as silk nighties. Remember to apply optimum care. 

Dupioni silks should never be washed at home. You can hand wash this type of silk, but it may reduce the sheen and change the texture. You may want to examine your particular silk garment’s reaction to handwashing. Test a small inconspicuous area and see if it comes out all right.

Dupioni silk is best cleaned by utilizing chemicals, but some people like to hand wash it. Handwoven silk such as brocade silk will manage to retain their texture when dry cleaned. Silks that have a crinkled texture are also better left at the dry cleaners to maintain its look. Some types of silk also have the potential to shrink a lot if it has not been prewashed. So, it is better to dry-clean them. 

Even if you want to hand wash the silk, it is better to have it dry-cleaned the first few times. It may have to undergo two cleans. The silk fabric’s dyes will run and be redeposited in nearby areas when you wash it for the first time.


Hand washing silk

Some experts recommend that silk can be washed at home. However, only hand wash it and never machine wash. The machine may be too rough and tough on delicate fabrics. 

Unless the silk fabric is extremely dirty, you do not have to wash it after every wear. Store your garments and wear them a couple of times before washing.



Silk is a beautiful fabric if used as silk nighties. But caring for silk can be a challenge. This article debunks the myths, so you will know exactly what care and maintenance to apply to your silk garment.


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