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How to Buy the Best Shower Heads for Your Bathroom? - Likeitgirl

How to Buy the Best Shower Heads for Your Bathroom?

Standing right underneath the shower and feeling the water dripping down is one of the heavenly experiences which you can’t trade for anything else. Several studies have shown that taking a warm or cold shower after a long tiring day can refresh your mind and help you relax for the night. Children, especially the toddlers, love to play around while bathing under the shower since, for them, showers mean artificial rain.

So, when so many people enjoy this bathroom element, don’t you think that it is time to install a new one in your bathroom?

Obviously yes, because in today’s time, not having a shower head means missing out on the fun element in the bathroom. But, choosing a shower head is not an easy task, because you cannot just stroll inside the shop and order the first design you see on the display. Just like with any other interior décor element, there are certain buying rules which you must follow at the time of buying the shower heads.

So, let us get started with those essential rules, which will help you make the right choice for a shower head in your bathroom.

Choosing The Height Of The Showerhead Installation

Your first task is to decide the height of the spot where you want to install the shower head. Some people like to install the shower head just a few inches above their heads so that they can enjoy the maximum water. On the other hand, some people like to stand and enjoy the entire water show and hence they choose a ceiling height where the showerhead will be placed at a height above their head. So, before you walk into the store and buy shower heads for sale, make sure to decide the height and check whether your chosen design is made to be installed at such a height or not.

Size Of The Shower Head Surface

Generally, two different sizes of the showerhead are available in the market. The first is the eight-inch shower head which has bigger water holes for the showers. The other type of shower heads is the twelve-inch one, where the pores are very small. So, if you want a fine shower, you need to go with the larger head size.

Volume Of Water Vs Pressure Of The Shower

Your next choice will be based on the feature of the showerhead, i.e. whether you want more shower pressure or more water volume. The showerheads for sale offering more water pressure will have a lesser number of pores but each such pore will generate the water stream with greater force so that you can feel the pressure against your skin. As for the showerheads offering more volume, you will find many holes scattered on the surface of the showerhead, which spray the water over a large area.

Material With Which The Showerhead Is Made

Next, you must choose the material with which the shower heads for sale are made. You will have two primary options- iron shower heads and stainless steel showerheads. The iron showers are perfect for bathrooms having a traditional English style, while the stainless steel head is perfect for modern-day bathroom designs.

Multiple Shower Settings Vs Single Setting

Sometimes people love to experience multiple shower settings like slow shower rivulet, high-pressure showers, double showers, and so on. For this reason, at the time of buying the showerhead, make sure you are aware of the shower settings you want in the system.


Yes, indeed choosing the shower heads for sale is a daunting job. But with this guide, we can assure you that the next time you will install a new shower in your bathroom, you will not make the mistakes again.

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