How to Buy PrEP online at an affordable price

In the market there is many type of the medicine available for the cancer medicine. Our PrEP is an abbreviation for Pre-exposure prophylaxis. They are pills that protect a person from HIV. By taking PrEP medication on a regular basis a person can reduce the chances of getting HIV caused due to intercourse by 99 percent. We at Glareamed help customers to eliminate the threat of HIV by providing them with PrEP pills. PrEP medication is a pill approved by world health organization that lowers your chances of getting HIV from sexual intercourse by more than 90 percent and from sharing needles by more than 70 percent.

Unlike PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis) that acts as a short-term treatment for HIV in case of an emergency, PrEP is meant for ongoing use by people who have a high risk of getting infected from HIV. It is only for people who are HIV negative but are at a high risk of getting it, either from sexual intercourse or through IV drug use.

It is important to take PrEP pills every day as they don’t work well if taken after broken intervals. Also, it is supposed to be taken only by people who are at a high risk of being infected by HIV. It is also important for a person to consult a doctor before taking PrEP medication and to have regular body checkups while taking PrEP.
People who should talk to their doctors about PrEP prescription if they:

  • Avoid the use of condoms.
  • Have a partner who has HIV or has high-risk of being infected with it.
  • Recently had some other STD.
  • Are undergoing a treatment that requires the use of needles.

Your doctor will study your situation and prescribe PrEP to you if required. Even though many people don’t face any side-effects from the use of PrEP pills, some people may have side-effects like stomach-ache or inability to face hunger. However, these side-effects are mild and usually go away after a while.


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