How To Buy And Choose Tights Online In UK

Guide to choosing the most suitable tights is here to help you out in choosing tights online in one of the best possible ways. 

1. Color selection

Tights are not just meant for buying in black or nude color. According to the outfit, the color of tights will also vary from each other. You can attain a monochromatic look by wearing tights similar to the rest of the dress. Nude is no doubt a universal option to match with all types of dresses but don’t afraid to try something distinctive. Not only with the dress but tights can also match with the shoe colors. However, you need to consider some important factors in mind such as avoid wearing bright color shoes with black tights. Also, avoid wearing tights of the opposite color to your shoes. Nude tights will perfectly match with shoes of open toes. So, choose your favorite color when you buy tights online. 

2. Size selection

When it comes to size, we always prefer one size larger. Tights are skinny attires that make you feel uncomfortable if the size is small. Don’tworry, they won’t sag if you are buying one number higher. In order to understand the correct size, determine your weight in pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) and then your height in either feet (ft) or centimeters (cm). Now, check the size chart to figure out the actual size according to the height and weight measure.  If you are a full-figured woman, choose plus-size tights. They are designed with waistbands to provide extra support. Get ready to buy tights online in the UK at our online store. 

3. Cleaning tips 

Tights are thin, so wash them carefully. It would be great if you manage to wash them with hands rather than putting inside the washing machine with other clothes. The thin fibers of Levante Brillante tights can easily tear-out. If you are using a washing machine, put the setting on a delicate cycle. After cleaning, never put them in the drier. After squeezing them properly, hang on a wire with clips to dry under shade. 

4. Prevent wear and tear

Tights are thinner than other attires in our wardrobe. Therefore, the possibility of damage is also higher. Even a little carelessness can damage your tights that become the reason for embarrassment several times. With some smart tricks, we can easily manage to handle the situations. If your body toner tights are torn and running out, use transparent nail polish. Hair spray can also work in this concern. The hole will stop getting bigger after you apply these things. Before wearing, check closely if there is any kind of damage. If there is even a small hole, it will gradually widen as you wear and go outside. 

5. Storage tips 

Don’t store your tights randomly in any laundry bag. They are delicate attires and need proper handling after washing. After buying from a hosiery shop and wearing for once, clean carefully and roll them to avoid any kind of tangle. For regular wear transparent and opaque tights, coat hangers are the perfect options to keep inside the wardrobe. Fold them half lengthways and loop through the hanger. If there is no space in the wardrobe, stocking shops recommend under-bed boxes. Avoid storing your tights alongside rough fabrics like lace and denim t prevent any kind of damage. 

Before you buy tights online in the UK, these tips will help in the right selection and maintenance. They are among the boldest style statement options but require more care as compared to other clothes lying in your wardrobe. 

Wishing you a wonderful shopping experience!

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