Maxi cab services are available in abundance in Australia, especially in Melbourne. Each service offers different amenities and different standards. Some might offer services others don’t and booking one can be a headache, especially when you want to book maxi cab in a hurry.

When choosing a cab, the decision always tips towards the most economical means of booking a transport that is also safe and quick.

Major companies offer a generous list of services. And depending on the services needed, one might have to pay different prices.

Services Needed

  • From taking a ride to the airport to booking a cab for leisure purposes of going around the city, the prices that one gets charged they book maxi cab might be different.
  • Most companies offer their price upon placing an enquiry and gathering intel before finalising the cab can save a lot of money. Some companies feature fixed rates too.
  • A long journey with extra tolls will end up costing more compared to a short ride in the city.

Cab type

  • Each company offers a different fleet of cars as part of their book maxi cab services.
  • Depending on the number of people for the trip, one can choose the vehicle.
  • A normal cab can seat four people with additional luggage, but if there are more people, a maxi cab can seat up to 11 people with their bags. It can cost extra for more people and enquiring with the company beforehand can help in avoiding last-minute confusions.
  • If one wants to enjoy luxury services while travelling, most car fleets include premium cars that can be asked for in advance. However, it comes with extra costs, so keep that in mind when you book maxi cab.


  • Safety is one of the most important aspects, and it’s important to look up if the drivers are professional and safe when you book maxi cab. Most of them boast years of experience.
  • Another safety feature is GPS. Most of the cabs are installed with GPS devices in case something happens or just to keep track of the general direction the cab is travelling in.
  • Cameras are also important in case customers face issues or lose something in the cab. Any misbehaviour can also be stated with them being on tape.

Payment Options

  • All the options can be split into whether one wants to pay before availing the service or after it.
  • With a plethora of payment options available, stating your preferred choice when enquiring can save you a lot of hassle.
  • Some may just accept cash while others also offer card payments but might levy an additional bank charge for using cards.
  • Pre-booking can also save trouble as most of them accept all cards and payments.

Additional Services

  • If any additional services are required, one must place the request beforehand for a hassle-free experience.
  • Wheelchair and baby seat can be charged but made available upon request in advance.
  • Some drivers might assist with the extra luggage while some charge for it.
  • Travelling with pets can also be chargeable with some cabs and mentioning about them when you book maxi cab will save time.

Punctuality and Cleanliness

  • It is better to know in advance that the cab will arrive on or before the time at the destination to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Some companies boast before time arrival at the requested spot to make sure they can reach the destination in time.
  • Cleanliness is something everybody longs for. One wouldn’t want to sit in a cab that smells nasty or has wrappers or food fallen down. It is the company’s job to ensure a clean mode of transport, and one must check the reviews online regarding this before choosing to opt for a service.

Closing words: No matter which company you choose to opt for, placing an enquiry before you book maxi cab by calling them or availing the service online can ensure that the journey is joyful.

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