How to behave properly at a funeral?

If you are a person who has never attended a funeral before these tips will help you. You will have to look decent at a funeral because they are very respectful occasions. Don’t reveal your body too much it will be better if you can wear an outfit that covers your shoulders and knees, so it is your duty to wear appropriately depending on where the service is at.

How to dress for a funeral.

You need to be concerned about the attire. Select a proper outfit, usually people wear black outfits when attending a funeral. If you don’t want to wear a fully black go for a plain outfit. The ones that you wear to the church would be ideal. Different cultures will have different attires before you go and embarrass yourself in the funeral make sure you ask the family members, the funeral directors or anyone who will also attend the funeral with you. Men can wear a black suit with a white shirt. Before you go don’t forget to polish your shoes, wear more sensible and appropriate shoes for the funeral.

Things you need to remember.

Before you enter the church or the funeral home you need to turn off your mobile phone. And soon as you arrive at the funeral make sure you sign the guest book. Speak with the deceased’s family, you could shake hands or even hug them but ensure you do this in a very reserved manner. Don’t go to speak for hours with the deceased’s family members as there will be more guests waiting to share their emotions with them. Keeping all these in your mind behave appropriately according the situation.

Helping to make the arrangements.

If you were close with the deceased and his/her family members you can help them because helping each other at their worst times shows that you are a good person. You can call or notify the people who were close to the deceased.


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You can also help in choosing flowers or you could simply help the deceased’s family with some money if it is possible for you.

Express your emotions.

There is no need to stay strong in a funeral, if you want to cry don’t hide away your emotions because you are free to cry. In case if you don’t feel like crying then you don’t actually need to cry just to show off other people. Talk to your close friends and relatives about what how you feel this can help a lot to relieve the pain so share grief with the others. Support each other before, during or after the funeral. Share a few words about the deceased with guests who have attended the funeral.

Attend the graveside services.

Usually after the funeral graveside services will be held, if you were really close with the deceased you will have to attend it as the graveside services are normally held for the deceased’s friends and relatives. After the service offer some help to the attendees, arrange some ways of transportation. Help the deceased’s family to prepare food, always keep in mind that they are also going through a hard time so be there for them and give your support.

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